How to visit a dozen alpine vertices in one day. Chamonium lifts

Can be lifted in the mountains with different goals.

Someone, having wielded to the Karabins, alpenshtoks and ropes, specially goes to the most complex route on the sheer walls, someone armed with trekking sticks rises by hiking trails, someone enjoys mountain views from the helicopter.

This post will tell you about another way – cable car or lift. The advantage of the lift is that it will quickly raise you to one or another station, from where you can either go to walk along the plateau or go to the next station, or just see views from the sightseeing site, and then go back down to send to the next lift. If you wish, in one day you can have time to visit several vertices, and then at all at all visit the top of the upper stations of the lifts.

In the vicinity of Chamonix operates good ten cable lifts – Vallorcine, Charamillon-Les Autannes, Lognan-Grands Montets, Planpraz-Brevent, Belleuve, Prairion, Flegere-Index, Aiguille du Midi. At the bottom of the station at the bottom there is a cash desk, where you can buy a ticket. The cost for each route is individual – from 12 to 50 euros for the trip. When buying a ticket, you can choose options for Van Wei (one end) and returne (back-trip). The cost will be different, but slightly.

In the summer, there is a wonderful way to save significantly on the lifts, if you have a desire for visiting several top stations – buying a multi-liberty, or as it is called Multipass.

Maltipass makes it possible without restriction to use cable cars in Chamonix, as well as the Mont Blanc and Alpine Railway in Montutenver. The term of use is determined by the type of Maltipass

The cost of one-day is 54 euros, two-day – 67 euros, three-day – 78 euros, weekly – 121 euros

The landing platform of one of the cable car stations in Chamonix. The entrance has a monitor with information about the route, temperature at the bottom and at the top, as well as other necessary and useful information. Information is broadcast in different languages, including in our.

In the trailer next on Aiguille du Midi.

If you take a place near the window, you can enjoy incredible species in the process of lifting. In some places, the trailer takes place in the immediate vicinity of the rocks

Parking down. Somewhere there is also our car

At the height of just over 1000 meters in the middle of summer, all green. The temperature is about 22 degrees of heat

But at an altitude of 2317 meters, at Plan de L’Aguille station is already about 5 degrees of heat and snow lies

At intermediate stations, you can exit, and you can continue the rise further. If you do not have Maltipass, you need to buy a ticket again to the further route

How to visit a dozen alpine vertices in one day. Chamonium lifts

Different routes use different types of trailers. For example, on long large, spaciousness of 40 people.

On short – these are such booths for 4 people

There are an average trailers like this 30-seater on the Brevent route

In fact, each station allows you to admire the views of Montblan and the Alps both from viewing sites and leaving the plateau or tourist trail. In the photo – Plan PRAZ Station Lookout and Transfer platform to Brevent station.

Observation platform Aiguille du Midi. From here the closest view of Mont Blanc opens

If you do not want to walk or admire views from viewing sites – come in species cafe. Emotions for a glass of wine are provided

In conclusion – several photos with species that open directly from the cabins during the trip

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