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We have a little bit concerned topics checking tickets today more talk in detail about the service CheckMyTrip.Com. This site belongs to the Global AMADEUS Booking System and you can check the flights with only this system.

So do not fall into panic if the site did not find your armor, most likely the ticket was booked through Sabre or Gallileo. In addition, it is not worth looking for airlines Low Coast tickets on this site, they do not use global booking systems, so information on Ryanair flights, EasyJet and T.NS. You will find only on the websites of the airlines themselves.

Let’s return to checklip&# 8230;

In any route receipt will be at least 2 rooms. One &# 8211; This is an internal booking room of the airline. You can check the ticket to the airline ticket and pass online registration. The second number is called PNR (PASSENGER REMERVATION NUMBER) This is the booking code in the Amadeus system, it is necessary to enter it on the website CheckMyTrip.Com.

PNR is a 6-digit alphanumeric code, for example, 7Asq55.

What can and can not be done using checkmytrip?

On the site Chekmaitrip, you can get complete information about your flight and flight:

  • flight data and flight (type of aircraft, place in the cabin, flight duration and t.D.);
  • Background information about 210 airports around the world;
  • travel guides;
  • Weather forecast (in the base of 1800 cities)
  • Currency exchange courses, phone codes, local time;
  • How to use
  • Metro schemes of large cities.

But you cannot make any changes, for example, correct the error in the name of the passenger, exchange or annul the air ticket, select places on the plane (but you can go straight from the site Chekmaitrip to go to the online registration page of the airline, which is flying) and t.NS.

How to use checkmytrip?

On the main page of the site at the top, enter your PNR and surname, just as it was specified in when booking a ticket.

You will have information about your flight:

If you need a copy of the route receipt, then click on the PDF or PRINT link in order to print your ticket or save on your computer.

In this case, the flight is confirmed, it is concirmed:

If we want to get even more detailed information about the flight, you must click on the View Details link +

And the window opens with additional information:

  • Confirmation Number: Turkish Airlines S8YMT6 &# 8211; This is the booking room in the airline system. You can pass online registration on the carrier’s website.
  • FLIGHT NUMBER: TURKISH AIRLINES &# 8211; TK 420 &# 8211; Number of flights you fly
  • Fare Type: Economy Restricted &# 8211; Type Tariff. In this case, this is an economy class with restrictions, most likely to pass or exchange this ticket, you can only with fines or non-returnable. Detailed tariff rules are indicated when booking air ticket.
  • Aircraft: Boeing 737 All Series Passenger &# 8211; Type of aircraft
  • Meal: Meal (Non Specific) &# 8211; nutrition. On the flights of many airlines you can choose the type of power. We wrote more about this here.
  • Baggage: 30 kilogram (s) Per Traveler &# 8211; Luggage provision rate, in this case it is 30 kg per passenger.
  • Last Check in: Information Not Available &# 8211; Information about the end time of registration for flight.

What minuses are in the system?

It is convenient to use the system if you want to learn whether to your name of the air ticket or print a route receipt. However, Confirmed status means only what the ticket is booked, not paid. Some airlines are given for payment for several days, if during this period payment for a ticket will arrive, then the reservation will be removed.

If you booked a ticket through the agency, then the money will certainly not go to the airline instantly, so it is useless to check the reliability of the agent. However, if you paid money and for several hours your ticket is displayed in the system, it is worth thinking, refine information in the airline or agency, perhaps the ticket is not executed or simply in the system failure.

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