How to use Wi-Fi at the airport for free?

Most often Wi-Fi at the airport is paid or limited to time, for example, you can use them only 20-30 minutes, and then you have to pay extra. But there are several ways to avoid excess spending.

Use Foursquare

Big plus Foursquare &# 8211; These are prompts. Enough in the application itself to be drunk or gain in Google &# 8220; Foursquare + airport name&# 8221;, for example, &# 8220; Foursquare Tegel Airport&# 8221; And you will receive tips, among which will definitely be advice, where to find free Wi-Fi at the airport and even passwords from a paid:

For these purposes, there are even special applications for iPhone and Android &# 8211; 4SQWIFI (iOS) and Venue Spot (Android). Who are looking for tips in Foursquare related to WiFi.

Change your data

In some cases, access to the free WiFi airport is opened only after registration. If you have registered and free minutes have expired, then go to register again, specifying another email. There are excellent service &# 8211; 10minutemail.COM that generates temporary email addresses.

Small tricks for advanced

Some airports work next reception &# 8211; At the end of the web address add "?.JPG ", for example, https: // blog.kupibilet.RU /?.jpg.

How to use Wi-Fi at the airport for free

If free Wi-Fi at the airport is limited in time, that is, several ways to extend it:

  • Change your IP &# 8211; Address (just to restart the computer)
  • Clean the Browser Cookies
  • Change your MAC address. For this there are even special programs, one of the most popular &# 8211; Mac Makeup for Windows and Link Liar for iOS.

What airports have free and unlimited WiFi?

This list will be periodically replenished. Currently free and unlimited Internet access is available throughout the airports of Orly and Ruissy in Paris, as well as at Amsterdam airport.

How to use Wi-Fi at the airport for free

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