How to use Google maps?

When you are going to rest in Thailand, of course, you want to learn about the infrastructure of the selected place. Now with Google maps it’s easy to find out. I noticed that not many travelers know about different interesting functions of Google cards, so I decided to create a thoroughly with them. You can search objects by name, watch a detailed description of some places, measuring the distance, and most importantly – stroll through the streets in Panorama mode. Let’s all in order.

Street viewing mode on Google map

In my opinion, this is one of the most important functions of Google. I constantly use this mode in my travels. Remember, earlier in some regions of Thailand there was an excellent Function Function. So here on google maps now there is the same. Of course, not all cities and places on the world map are covered, but Phuket is presented more or less fully. Open the right beach or place and drag on the map of the little orange little man from the right lower corner. If the Google car has already been in this locality, you will see the blue streets highlighted. Drag the orange little man right on them and enjoy the walk through the streets online. It is also worth paying attention to the blue dots – this is a circular panorama, with which you can watch the beaches or other places you are interested in. In the upper left corner you can see the year when a panorama or a rod of the streets was made. Last update on Phuket was in July 2016.

Search for objects by name

Looking for an interesting sight in the search bar. You dial the name in English, and immediately falls out the menu of available objects. Save the object on the map by clicking the Star "Save". Build travel routes, noting all the interesting sights on the map. If you use one google account on your computer and phone, all saved points will automatically be displayed in the mobile version of Google-cards. Search at the address in Thailand does not always work, use the coordinates that I bring at the end of each article. The fact is that Thai addresses are a very subtle thing, and the object does not always have an address on the map.

How to measure the distance on the Google map?

There are two ways to measure the distance. If you want to know the distance from your hotel to the beach directly, click right-click on the hotel and choose "Measure distance", and then go to the beach and right-click you choose "Add point". Of course, before the beach or attractions you get on the way. In this case, the function is suitable "Get the route from here", Go to the second point and choose "Get the route here". You will not only measure the distance, but also give various options, how to get there: on foot, by car or in urban transport. The last item in Thailand, where with urban transport is not very, almost does not work, except in Bangkok, and then. But in Singapore or in Kuala Lumpur, I use this feature constantly, I give out detailed routes directly or with transfers.

Search for everything that is near the Google map

How to use Google maps - Search, Saving, Distance Measurement Travel Guide in Phuket

The convenient function of Google-cards is the search for everything that is near. So you can find out the closest restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other infrastructure. You need to click on the right mouse button and choose "Search by". If you want to reset search, press the cross in the search bar in the upper left corner.

Google Card Printing

If you wish, you can print any map or selected section. First choose the map you need to print, click right-click, choose "Seal", Choose the desired location of the picture on the sheet and print.

Here are such useful features from Google maps. With their help, you will learn about the infrastructure of the selected place, you can create your own route and print it.

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