How to use Evernote for travel planning

Today we will tell you how to plan your trip with Evernote.

What is Evernote?

This is an electronic notebook. But thanks to a large number of built-in features, it can be an indispensable assistant when planning your trip.

Where to begin?

First you need to download evernote from the official site and install it on your computer.

If your computer or laptop is not at hand, you can access a notebook through the site. Thanks to the cloud technology, all your notebooks and notes are automatically synchronized with each other.

1. Create notepad

Evernote allows you to create any number of notebooks. Think in advance how your information will be structured.

If you are planning to visit some particular city, then create a separate notebook for it, for example, &# 8220; Travel to London&# 8221; or simply &# 8220; London&# 8221;. There we will add all the information about the journey: tickets, a hotel reservation, information on all attractions that we want to visit and t.D.

2. Install Evernote Web Clipper

Web Clipper &# 8211; An indispensable assistant, to copy interesting information, video and pictures from the Internet.

After installing this expansion for the browser, you can save you like articles, pictures, video and separate texts in your Notepad Evernote.

It is very convenient! Just highlight the desired text and click on the Evernote icon in the browser.

3. Do not forget to put tags

So that you do not get confused in your own notes, do not forget to put tags (keywords) to each record. It will help you quickly find the necessary information.

For example, on the opposite of the museum notes, check the tag &# 8220; museums&# 8221;. Since in London many attractions with a free entrance, we celebrated these places an additional tag &# 8220; free&# 8221;.

Now that we need to find all the free attractions in London, which we have saved, we have enough to enter the search string &# 8220; free&# 8221; or click on the appropriate label in the list.

Another use of labels &# 8211; Organization by day.

How to use Evernote for travel planning

Opposite each note you can put a tag with the date in which you plan to visit this place. For example &# 8220; day 1&# 8221; or 20/08/2013 and t.NS. Such marks can be placed later, before the trip itself, to make a detailed plan.

4. Make lists

Evernote allows not only to create simple text notes, but also to make lists. Thanks to this, you can easily make a traveler check list to not forget anything.

5. Install the application on the phone

Your notes will always be with you if you install Evernote on your phone or tablet. Now you definitely do not need a guidebook. All information, electronic tickets, cards can be stored in the phone.

6. Take notes directly from the phone

Evernote on the phone is needed not only to have access to information at any time, with the help of it you can make new notes.

For example, you saw an interesting poster, rewrite the place, address, dates and the name of the event itself is not very convenient, but take a picture and save in Evernote a few seconds. This note you can put not only tags in order not to lose, but also a reminder.

That’s all! Now you know that with the help of an electronic notebook you can make your trip easier and more interesting.

How to use Evernote for travel planning

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