How to travel without knowledge of foreign languages?

In fact, it is a controvered fear – a foreign language is not needed that the journey takes place.

In all standard situations, you can explain gestures.
Sometimes just showing your ticket, hotel reservation,
or point on the map or the metro scheme, any passerby will understand,
what you need and gestures will indicate where to go or what to do.

Foreign language is needed only in emergency situations:

  • You need to contact the hospital for help.
  • You do not put on the flight and you do not understand what they want from you.
  • You are not populated at the hotel and you also do not understand anything.
  • You stopped the policeman and you also do not understand him that they broke.
  • and in other similar situations.
  • How to travel without knowledge of foreign languages

These situations arise extremely rarely. But knowledge of the language in this case is very necessary.

Therefore, I want to tell about a very useful service &# 8211;
Telephone linguistic support!

Everything is very simple: make out this service, get a special phone number.

If there is a situation where you do not understand the interlocutor, and it is very necessary to understand it (some emergency situation),
then call this number and help you! And not only in English, but also on one of 163 languages!

Service is available around the clock and output.
Operator response time less than 30 seconds.
If the conversation goes in English, then the operator will help himself.
If in another language, it will connect with the desired translator for 10 minutes.
If the connection is expensive, you can ask to call back
(Almost all cellular operators offer the service "Free incoming in other countries").

You can simply turn on a loud connection on the phone &# 8211; And here is a professional translator.
Or you can explain to the translator your situation and pass the phone to the interlocutor.

For more information about this service in a convenient graphic form here: http: // Top3Travel.RU / LingVostrah.ASPX

This service is called "Linguers".
There are 3 packages, the cost of everything from 999 rubles!

Immediately after payment you will be sent number
virtual card and phone number where to call.

The service is really very necessary, especially if you are bad
We own foreign languages. I do not advise you bad!

How to travel without knowledge of foreign languages

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