How to travel with your pets

Pets for many people, are not only close friends but family members. And to leave them at the time of travel or leave the custody of third parties is not desirable – it is necessary to take them with you.

Today, the traveler with a dog or a cat has no wonder – this is a common phenomenon. However, each travel with a domestic pet has its own characteristics and rules. Training to travel should be started in 2-3 months to all have time.

The first thing to do is Get acquainted with the rules of domestic animals at the destination.

It is necessary to fill out Veterinary Passport International Sample – Special document confirming that homemade pet is healthy. You can purchase such a document in any veterinary store or online.

Be sure to do Parasite sanitary processing (worms, fleas).

Make in the passport marks about vaccinations against infectious diseases and rabies animals, twice pass the blood test.

To identify pets Complete.

After passing all the procedures in the vet block, a document is issued confirming that the animal is great and ready for a trip.

Which countries are easier to go with a homemade pet

V USA Various amenities for animals are provided. Many hotels allowed accommodation with them, parks, beaches, supermarkets are open to visit. In addition, special areas for walking four-legged are provided.

V Austria consistent passage in public transport and you can walk with animals literally everywhere. Allowed accommodation in hotels and visits to bars stores, cafe.

How to travel with your pets

V Switzerland Everywhere, special columns with packages for cleaning the dog and small fountains for drinking are thoughtfully placed, and shopping and entertainment centers take four-legged friends with pleasure.

V Italy It is allowed to walk with animals through the streets, but a visit to the beach, supermarkets and catering facilities is prohibited. It is difficult to find hotels for accommodation with animals, but a wide range of housing for rent, where it is allowed to stay with the pet.

V Georgia attitude to animal neutral. Forbidden to visit public institutions. Hotels where you are not easy to find hotels, but to rent a house or apartment, where to resolve to live with a dog or a cat, it is quite possible.

Useful advice

Going on a trip with your favorite pet is important to remember:

&# 8211; Special ticket is purchased in animal trains.
&# 8211; In the car, the dog is better fastened, and the cat is transported in a special carrying.
&# 8211; Take your favorite toy, feed, water, familiar dishes. This will help to avoid stress in an unfamiliar atmosphere.
&# 8211; Too young and elderly animals are better not to translate over long distances.
&# 8211; Collect animal individual first aid kit.
&# 8211; In advance to explore the rules of walking and the content of animals in the place of the planned rest.
&# 8211; Do not poke a pet 3-4 hours before the trip.
&# 8211; Traveling by car or train, at each stop or every 5 hours walking animal.

How to travel with your pets

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