How to travel with pets?

What animals are usually allowed to transport, and which one will have to leave at home, what should contain a container and how much will you have to pay for the four-legged traveler on the plane, and how much – in the train, tells "My Planet".

Previously, "My Planet" wrote about the features of the flight with children, compared the rights of train passengers and an aircraft, and also told what to do in the event of a flight delay, finding the connection flight and which force majeures can disrupt flight. In this article – how traveling with pets.


If you decide to take a pet with you, be sure to inform about this when buying a ticket, booking or by contact center phones. Otherwise, you may refuse to register with. In addition, in some countries there is a ban or restriction on the import and export of animals. ("My Planet" has already written about amazing customs forns and souvenirs for which you can go to prison.)

It is easiest to travel with pets weighing up to 50 kg. True, not with all. Airlines are often forbidden to transport brachicephonic rock dogs (from Brachys – "short" and Kephale – "Head"), that is, pugs, bulldogs and others, who has a facial part of the skull shorten. As well as rodents, reptiles, arthropods, fish and other animals that need water, wild animals and birds. It will also be difficult to transport an animal whose weight together with the container exceeds 50 kg (and this, for example, shepherd).

But the conductor dog is most often transported in the cabin for free, over the installed standard of hand-made free strait. It should have a muzzle and a leash, and the host of the animal must not be forgotten to take with them documents confirming its disability and special training of a dog.

Do not forget about documents. When flying our airlines, you need to take care of a veterinary passport in advance, where it will be confirmed that the animal is great, vaccinated and has the right to travel. And get it necessary not earlier than five days before the departure date. Sometimes it is necessary to prevent additional help proving that your pet will be brought away from rabies.


In the salon you can take an animal or bird, the mass of which together with the container is not more than 8 kg. The dimensions of the container should not exceed 44 x 30 x 26 cm, carrying bags – 126 cm over the sum of three dimensions. In the form of non-standard baggage Allowed: ferrets, fries, meerkats, phenos, lorei, decorative hedgehogs, mini rabbits, toys and other indoor animals.

S7 Airlines

A cell or container for small animals should be no more than 115 cm over the sum of three dimensions, carrying bag – 55 x 0 x 25 cm. Animals weighing more than 50 kg will have to be issued as a cargo. And for wild – order freight transportation in S7 Cargo. Restrictions act on some flights.


In the cabin is allowed to transport only cats and dogs. The maximum allowable weight together with the container – 10 kg. The container must have dimensions of no more than 203 cm over the sum of three dimensions, and carrying – 55 x 40 x 25 cm. As baggage, in addition to cats and dogs, you can arrange birds.


The weight of the animal with a container or a cage should not exceed 8 kg. Dimensions of the container (cells) – a maximum of 115 cm for the sum of three dimensions. More severe pets "victory" does not transport.

On international flights, the animal must have an international veterinary passport, where the mark of vaccinations is put. Dogs and cats transported by plane within the EU should have a microchip. It will help if the animal is lost. Also, note that each country may ask additional documents.

Air France

Since 2017, transported animals in the cabin is prohibited. The size of the carriage container in the cargo compartment is calculated based on the size of the pet. If, together with the container, the animal weighs more than 75 kg, for its transportation will have to take advantage of freight transport. Transportation of cats and dogs with sparse noses, because due to the anatomical features they may have problems with breathing.


In the cabin you can carry only cats and dogs weighing less than 8 kg, taking into account the container. Heavy four-legged pets, as well as hares and rabbits will have to be issued as an excess luggage. The maximum size of the container for transportation in the cargo compartment – 125 x 75 x 85 cm. And if you are going to carry the rabbit, the walls must have a wire mesh. Container for transportation in the cabin must be no more than 55 x 40 x 23 cm.


Small cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents can be pronounced in the cabin. In business class and on intercontinental flights, they will need to issue as luggage. Maximum container dimensions with soft walls – 55 x 40 x 20 cm, with hard – 35 x 30 x 20 cm. The size of the carriage container in the cargo compartment is calculated according to the size of the animal.

How to travel with pets

Qatar Airways

Guide dogs can be transported in the cabin only on some flights, in most cases they must fly in the luggage compartment. But Sokolov is allowed to transport in the cabin, but at the rate of no more than one bird on the passenger. Difficulty, on the contrary, may arise with some breeds of dogs and cats. If they are susceptible to high risk of thermal impact, refuse transport. Container for transportation must match the size of a pet.

Free standard of baggage luggage on animals and birds does not apply. But how much will you have to upset depends on the airline.


In our long-distance trains, you can transport dogs, primates, small pets, rodents, heels, raccots, minks, home ferrous, birds, small unmarried amphibians and reptiles, fish, mollusks, arthropods. Dogs of large breeds should be in muzzles and with a leash, other animals – in a container, cage, terrarium or aquarium. Transportation of pets is allowed not in all wagons. Exception – guide dogs. They can accompany the owners everywhere.

When traveling in Russia, veterinary documents are not required, but the board may be charged and depends on kilometer – from 268 to 496 rubles. If you are going to take a ticket in a compartment, you may be asked to buy all the places. The fee is charged for the transportation of small pets, dogs and birds in suburban trains. Exception – Again, guide dogs. For them you do not have to pay.


It is allowed to transport only a guide dog, about its presence must be reported when booking a ticket.


Pet must have an electronic microchip, vaccination information and a veterinary passport. Depending on the weight of the animal there are different rules of carriage: up to 5 kg – free and without reservation, but not more than one animal in a container or cell on the passenger, from 5 to 50 kg – the journey is possible only in a special cabin. Cost – about € 50.


Little dogs and other pets weighing up to 6 kg travel free of charge in a container or a cage with a size of no more than 45 x 30 x 25 cm. For a dog that does not fit into the container, you have to pay € 30. It should be in a muzzle and on a leash. Ticket for it is bought at the station. Dog guide follows with a passenger for free. Carry dangerous dogs, wild animals and birds is prohibited.

How to travel with pets

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