How to travel with parents and stay friendly family

Most with parents make up excellent relationships if they live separately. But it is also necessary to rest with your family, take out parents to some resort – the holy case of every matured child. In this article, we will tell how to plan holidays with parents and in a couple of weeks not to become enemies, Taiful offense until the next trip. After all, these travels are not at all like trips with friends. In such a vacation, every maximally goes on compromises – not only you donate something, but also parents too. Remember this.

Travel style

To begin with, decide what kind of vacation it will be: everything is included by the pool or the sea, a lot of hiking along the powerful streets of the Old Town, an endless campaign on museums or shops. Well, if your views on vacation converge, otherwise, choose the directions in which everyone will find entertainment. Think about how many places you plan to visit: to be easily settled in one place or move to the new every three days.


On a trip with parents, you need to be prepared for the fact that the choice of direction is not done by the cheapest ticket. Do not fly to Cologne just because there is cheaper everything, there will be not interested there. Cannube and persuade parents to go where cheaper is not going, get ready for the fact that money will have to spend decent. On the other hand, if the older generation wants to Bahamas, and you only have enough to Turkey, check and offer decent alternatives that will afford.

When choosing a direction, take into account the climate. The elderly from the 40-degree heat will join pressure and vacation will be spoiled. If you really want to get into hot countries, choose the unrest.

The availability of the place of your holiday also plays a role. If you need to get from the airport to the hotel, and after another donkey on a seeker road, this is not the place where it is worth going with parents.

Savings (no)

Traveling with parents This is not the case of saving on flight and accommodation. Bed in the 10th local room with a shared shower, wherever you fit perfectly, will not suit your moms and dads. Note that the older generation needs comfort, a bathrobe with slippers, a shower in the room and breakfast.

This also applies to the proximity of the hotel to the main attractions. You can with friends with friends for half an hour to go to the city and back, and with Mamopaps it is better to remove the hotel as close to the center as close to the center.

The same applies to the flight. No need to force your parents to push everything you need in a handbag under hand. Consult them that you need to take sure, and without which you can do, and then decide, take tickets with luggage or without.

Aid kit

It can be sufficiently anesthetic and plaster, and the parents have a list much more. Be sure to tell them that it is necessary to take with me the prescription drugs, and the recipe itself, otherwise they can be selected on the inspection. Just in case, look for foreign analogues of these drugs so that in the case of which do not dig and quickly get the necessary in the local pharmacy.

Plan a route

We have repeatedly wrote that planning a route up to minute – a bad idea. After all, if something goes not according to plan, it will cause extra stress. And if you can cope with him, then he is contraindicated to parents. Why do they need extra experience due to the fact that you are late for the train, and the next ticket only after 2 hours? Therefore, in family trips the same story: it is not necessary to plan everything to be remembered, but it’s not worth allowing a trip to a self-shot.

If the interests are different, and you chose a direction where everyone will find a lesson in the shower, distribute the case evenly: today a couple of museums, tomorrow beach, then a shopping day or spa, then a couple of museums or a walk around the city. Remember, vacation should not turn into a race for "treasures". Make a plan taken into account, for example, free days of visiting museums. Perhaps it makes sense to hire a guide who will spend a fascinating tour of the city.

How to travel with parents and stay friendly family

Help with translation

If your parents are not them of those who often leave abroad and really does not know English, then keep them aware of what happens. This is especially true for visits to restaurants, cafes and airports. Do not throw them on the arbitrary of fate, not everyone is able to solve the hotel administrator pantomimes. It’s all extra stress.

We recommend everyone in your family-owned company to print the address of the hotel and telephones for communication, as well as install useful applications for phones. Translator as minimum. It will be useful to note in offline maps of the labels of hotels and cafes in which you will definitely dine. Suddenly someone decides to separate and walk alone, let him know where then.

Personal time

No matter how loved your parents, but on the trip you need to spend time and yourself. If the parents are inexperienced travelers, you are for them and guide, and organizer, and translator. Hard and not really looks like vacation.

Book your interesting excursion to them or take the shopping or spa shopping center, and go for your affairs. There is nothing wrong to spend the day to spit, it’s not necessary to be together 24 hours a day, perhaps they also want to be alone.

All the glooms leave at home

It happens, you sit in a cafe, and after the next table, the family is yelling on each other. No need it is sad. Leave all the differences of the house, let the time on vacation be another world, where no one swears and grows. Make everything together, consulting each other, going to compromises and discussing the difficulties. And a lot, a lot of taking pictures! It always adds positive to any situation, and for memory to remain bright pictures in a circle of loved ones. It seems, without self-confinement, it is not enough here)

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How to travel with parents and stay friendly family

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