How to travel with a child

An independent travel with a small child originally implies some difficulties and troubles. To make your trip the most pleasant and comfortable trip, you need to prepare well both emotionally and technically. ETERE Kobelnitskaya, the laureate of the "My Planet" award, gave nine tips to Travel-parents.

1. Calm down and enjoy

When the child feels that parents are tense and constantly worried about him, he himself will be nervous. Be prepared for the fact that the journey with children will not be 100% predictable and simple, but when unpleasant situations occur, do not fall into panic and despondency, try to rationally think about possible outputs.

Travel insurance with children is very important. She will save from many problems, and it is better not to take advantage of it, having lost money, the subsequently think where to find funds for treatment.

It is worth having antipyretic, antihistamines, vesseloring, anti-warning means, recider, or analog for prevention of dehydration, possibly nebulizer for independent inhalation at home.

4. Rooks-carrying or sling

Backpack carrying or sling helps to move with young children. I used a backpack from one and a half months of the son. Daughter also wear in a backpack somewhere from two months, at first used a special insert for newborns.

5. Right stroller

The stroller is not always suitable for active movements with a child, but it is beautiful for sleep and as a children’s chair in the catering places. Stroller for traveling should be lightweight, conveniently folding, with a folding back for sleep, she must have a good shock absorption of wheels and quite a big cap to close the child from the sun.

In any long trip with the child, it is good to take a couple of new toys or well forgotten old. When landing in the cabin, you should not immediately give all toys. At first, the child, most likely, will be interested in the new setting: other aircraft outside the window window and new people, but when he finally gets tired, you can give toys one.

7. Tablets and other electronic media

In addition to toys, baby can download his favorite games, cartoons, songs, or educational classes on the electronic media – this will help you to pass the baby in a long move and even in a cafe, if you have long to wait for the order.

eight. Sleep and baby food in the plane

Many airlines provide travelers with cradle babes. You can order it before the start of the trip, calling the airline office. Cradle makes it possible to relax mom while sleeping baby. When ordering tickets for kids it is worth ordering a children’s menu, it is usually cans nutrition and milk.

nine. Do not take a lot of things

Most of the goods can be bought in place, including diapers. You can wash in public laundries. For example, in Southeast Asia, laundries are common for self-washing: there are several washing machines on the street, a person loads things, adds washing powder and throws coins. Somewhere in an hour underwear ready.

How to travel with a child

"My Planet" chose 5 devices to help travel parents

An ordinary pot takes a lot of space. On the trip it is better to take a folding pot, which can also be used as a seat on the toilet. Instead of the bottom of him – replaceable disposable packages. Alternative: Inflatable Pot.

Seat for a child who is attached to the belt at mom. Suitable for children who have already begun to walk and run, but never ceased to ask for handles. Will be useful at the airport, at stations, in museums and long-term excursions to wear a child on the thigh without harm to the spine. In secret pockets, you can put documents and money.

Trunki is suitable not only for luggage storage, but also for riding at the airport and at the station waiting for flights.

Light movement of my mother’s hand bag, full of useful accessories for the baby, turns into a highchair that is attached to the usual stool belt. It is convenient to use in cafe, restaurants and just everywhere where you need to feed the baby.

Options: Bourge-booster Yummigo has a weight of 1.2 kg and a volume of 11 liters, withstands the child weighing up to 20 kg. Hoppop transforming bag – lighter (200 g) and spacious (14 liters), but designed for a child weighing up to 15 kg. It is attached to the mattress for dressing.

Inflatable car seat – in no way alternative to the car seat, but only its hostility for taxis, buses and aircraft. Crash tests it, of course, does not pass, but in any case it is much safer than to carry a child not fastened or just on hand. If you rent a car abroad, then be sure to take a reliable car seat – in many offices it is issued for free.

If there are two smartphones, it is not necessary to carry a radionunk on vacation. Just download the "Radionnai" app and install the device two meters from sleeping chad. When the child wakes up and calls you, the call will be heard to the specified number. This app will give you the opportunity to go outside and even run to the beach, if it is closer than 300 m.

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