How to travel with a child if you are his father

My wife Ekaterina Sabirova launched a cycle of travel articles with a seven month. I decided not to stay aside and reflecting on the father’s point of view on this issue from the height of the travel we did.

We traveled to Perm – Moscow – Alicante and back, and we are confident that in the place of transplanting with a small child it is better to sleep. Yet for a child, the flight is stress, however, as for you. You yourself will be easier and easier to fly with sleep and rested. In addition, it is so easier to keep a stern and sleep schedule. Yes, this option is less economical, but you were not going to save especially when they decided to drag somewhere with the baby?

We spent the night in the aerothele Domodedovo, and it turned out very convenient. First, from the airport to the hotel and returns minivan every 15 minutes. That is, you flew, got baggage – and after 15 minutes you already settle in the hotel. Secondly, it is simply a good hotel – from included in the cost of the sauna and the gym, ending with loyalty programs (starting from a second visit you can settle in an improved number at the same price, we were settled) and even Pillow Menu – the ability to choose some special pillow under your orthopedic needs.

Some logistic questions are solved by themselves. For example, you fully have the right to ask you to miss you in line on passport control. Most likely, let go (we missed us). Of course, without any questions, mom will miss with the baby, and you take in the hands of their passport, and you will miss you too. As a last resort, something truly our is shifted, as shouted to me.

Logistics does not end. You can minimize stress for a child and you need at any stage of the journey, and five saved minutes of childhood calm is already valuable mining. For example, in line for landing ask a person checking tickets to bring you up with the child already when the bus will move off. Otherwise, you risk sitting on a bus with open doors up to 15-20 minutes, wait for the same late passengers, and the child, as it happens in such situations, will start yelling.

Whether a child is yelling in an airplane?
I did not find an answer to this question. We moved four flights, and only in one of them a child Oral. But our child and so on average yelling about a quarter of time, so I can’t do statistically significant conclusions here.

But I can give advice – while takeoff and landing, let’s swallow. Whether it’s breasts, a bottle, unpleasure or what you have there. We worked according to the scheme: If the child does not want her mother’s chest, then dad immediately proposes to drink from the row. Thus, the child swallowed throughout each takeoff and each landing and did not even sing.

How to travel with a child if you are his father

In one hand, take the rock, in the second hand – the diaper, to the third – a rattle, in the fourth – the pellenyka, in the fifth – a hygienic napkin, in the sixth hand, a phone with children’s installed applications, and in the seventh – the remainder of the hand-made.
If you do not have seven hands, then you have a separate backpack in advance, in which there will be all the things for flight the baby: diapers, napkins, the whole range of toys and baby food. Father is important not only to have it in a backpack, but also to know exactly what is. There is little space, and the necessary item is always necessary urgently. Very comfortable in these cases grandparents.

The rest it seemed to us that the child during the flight behaves exactly the same way as in the usual life, just after the aircraft a little more tired.

You may have the feeling that the journey with the child is rather a problem than rest. By no means. It is also beautiful as easy to spend time with your child. And be prepared for the fact that in Europe (in Spain, at least) everyone will knock on your child and squeeze it. When you still have so many smiles. Traveling with a child is above all big joy.

The main thing to be always ready and try to minimize the child’s stress (and at the same time). Well, otherwise, I’m sure you will handle themselves. You are daddy.

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