How to travel with a child and do you need to take it with you

Children need to take. I will tell you how to travel with a child how to prepare for the trip. I’ll tell you why I always take my child with me and I think that it must be done.

A huge number of families are constantly traveling with children. Some even home are not returned (for example, an interesting family). Children do not interfere at all, while they are much more comfortable with mom in a journey than without mom at home.

You probably worry that he will be hard to transfer the flight or acclimatize, perhaps he doesn’t need it all or suddenly he will get sick there.

Everything is possible on the trip, but the same thing may happen at home. Traveling with a small child unequivocally.

And you will learn how to travel with a child, so that it brings pleasure.

How we started traveling with a child

The first time we went with our son by car from Ivanovo to Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, when he was incomplete 4 months. It is about 670 km one way. The road he moved well, just had to constantly entertain him with games and songs.

All the way to sit still in the children’s chair is hard. So every hour we tried to stop so that the child can lie on the stomach.

Stayed not on the sideline and not even at refueling. We tried to find the Polyana in the forest or some kind of platform in the village or for the village, so that there was quiet and in deficulate. Chose a pleasant, beautiful place, so that you can take a walk yourself.

It increases the time on the road, but it should be applied to these stops not as needed, but as part of the rest.

Upon arrival, we were difficult for us to get used to new travel conditions: it was necessary to adapt to the child’s schedule. See the day managed much less and not always all that I want.

Nevertheless, the trip presented us (especially for me) the necessary charge of the energy and impressions that were so needed after the birth and the first months of the child’s life, when all my impressions were limited to diapers, sick tummy and sleepless nights.

What you need to know (my advice)

Coolness is better than heat.

In the heat such a small child is hard, so we walked little in the afternoon and a lot in the evening when not so bit. It was the main nuance.

I think it would be easier to cope with cool weather.

In the car (bus, train, plane) should be everything you need.

Organize your usual amenities: the ability to change the child to the diaper, disguise, give him the opportunity to lie on the tummy. We had a delay from the bed on the unfolded front seat. By itself, all this needs to be done in the parking lot, and not on the go.

Eat what we usually.

It will save from problems with belly and allergies from the kid. With me I took a multicooker and prepared the usual food for a couple. At the same time and the time saved.

The apartment is better than the hotel.

We lived only in removable apartments, so we could bathe a child every day and do not interfere with anyone if he pays, plus there was a necessary kitchen. Found apartments for AIRBNB or Bucking, with the rest of the sites did not work out.

Cots are folding.

Sleeping a child in a folding bed. Instead of the mattress, we put a thick tourist foam, carved under the size of the bed, and the blanket. It turned out well.

After Kazan, we traveled to Pskov, Izborsk, Veliky Novgorod, Tver, when the son was six months. In Tver, he began to crawl. This trip was even easier, long moving passed excellent. During the move, he played more independently and slept stronger, so even the dead roads were not wounded

Better carry is a sling.

Until a year we wore a baby in a sling. Husband wounded him on himself and the child could sleep there. Stroller we also used, but the sling is much more mobile, and we even went to the museums until the child slept.

Per year and month we flew to Greece. The flight was preparing thoroughly. Worried what will put the ears, but everything went fine: he was so tired of takeoff, which fell asleep immediately, as we moved away from the place, did not even have time to dial the height. Vanya was then on breastfeeding and got the breast only by the time of takeoff.

About how to travel by plane with children, read here&# 8230;

So that in the flight did not lay the ears need to swallow. Therefore, when setting the height and decline, let’s drink a child. In the horizontal flight, the ears do not laid. We saw a child from everything that only you can: from the spoon, from the tube (learned to drink in the plane), from a conventional bottle with a nozzle and a bottle with a nipple.

For a year and a half we went to Georgia by car. In Georgia managed to visit not only the sea, but also to go to the mountains for a couple of days and watch Tbilisi.

What else to prepare for a trip to the child

Go to practice. I tell me what came in handy.

Collect a full first-aid kit for all cases.

What you need to know about travel during the Pandemic period COVID-19

In the composition of the aid kits, we consulted with our pediatrician, at the same time took her phone. If you drive abroad, do not forget about honey. insurance.

If you still get sick, then throughout Russia have the right to apply to ambulance, trauma, call a doctor at home or go to the primary reception to the pediatrician or therapist into any clinic without attachment on the Basic FMC program. If you get sick abroad, first of all you need to call in the insurance company, it will decide which hospital to send you and what you do next.

Have a margin of diapers.

Take your usual diapers and time on finding savings and avoid surprises.

We used Merries diapers because they did not cause irritation. One day you could not find them on the trip, bought those that were in the store and began to redness. Helped Bapten from a first-aid kit.

Take new toys.

Take new toys on the road. Even if they are completely simple, still take time for the study of a new subject. Think than to take a child on the road: learn the poems, simple games, take a magnetic board for drawing or, for example, the steering wheel so that the child can steer like dad (or mom).

How to travel with a child and do you need to take it with you

Why the child all these travels

Each child will be nice to communicate with a joyful, rested mom, full of impressions. One only waiting for the holiday gives a tide of strength and patience to children’s whining.

The child will be glad to change the situation.

New place of your stay will be more interesting than any toys. Frequency walks in the fresh air with the whole family in beautiful interesting places will delight even the smallest.

Well, finally, it will give you a lot of joint impressions and memories that it will be pleasant to remember.

Why not leave a child at home

You think, and why not rest without a kid, you can leave him a loving grandmother, which will seem to him, so it will be easier.

You maybe it will be easier, and a small child stay for a long time without mom – hardly.

Baby is important not only to eat and sleep, but also feel safe, and this is possible only with mom. These days for him will definitely won’t be sure, it is unlikely that the baby will be able to understand why Mom left him and left somewhere and, in general, whether she will return. Yes, for example, I could not calmly lie on the beach, knowing that my son is going through and misses me.

That’s all. Travel the whole family, and thank you for reading. If you also have advice, how to travel with a child, please share them in the comments. Your experience can come in handy to someone.

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How to travel with a child and do you need to take it with you

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