How to travel very creative people?

So that every country remains in the heart, and even with a backpack, full of all non-phypical items for the traveler – beads, paints singing (with a total weight of 3 kg, by the way :)). That is how the world is like our today’s heroine heading "9 questions" – Anastasia, author of the project Wandering the world.

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Nastya, how long have you been traveling where you have already managed to visit?

I do not like this question 🙂
Traveling from school, from class 8, probably – this is 2003. Then there was no fashion for Travel Blogs. I traveled in the framework of projects of journalism, leadership and volunteering. Five years later, these are more conscious travels for festivals of professional orientation – marketing, contact improvisation.
And in 2012, I went to, the so-called "unoccupative trip", where 10 countries drove the hitchhiking for 10 months.
Visited about 20 countries maybe more.
From such unusual places is Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Olkhon, China, Hong Kong.

Actually, where did the desire come from – what caused the start?

Based on the answer to the first question – it was my life. I’m accustomed to constant changes, trips, impressions since childhood. So the start was soft and blurry. There are no reasons – I see my life in this, my development, which is going on much faster in the journey than when I hang in one place (but it’s all very individual, even with me there are periods when it is important to refrigerate in one place).

Which of the seen countries will forever remain in your heart and for which it fell out such honor?

I study travel so that every country remains in my heart.
If the country did not touch me, it means that I did not dive into it much, it was not filled with it.
Hurt for living – this is still Nepal. I can not say that in my heart, but this is a country that requires a special approach, special adoption, especially to her relationship. With Nepal, I have a bold and playful relationship – he fell good nerves and soul this year (I’m about the earthquake in April-May 2015).
People from each country live in the heart. They get there, and it is already difficult to say – this is the country I love or people in it: Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Italy.

I know that in every country you do not just celebrate, you live in it a certain time. And how do you understand that it is time to change the place of residence?

We, together with my curly sash, travel so since 2013. On average, stop in the country for 3 months and after going further. In Ukraine also: we can find a cozy place in the carpathians in the village and hang there for a couple of months.
Bali became an exception. This place just magically delays and does not allow you to understand how much time you are here. In our circle of communication, many such travelers who arrived for 2 weeks, but stayed for half a year on the island. Strange magic island.
There is some internally feeling with us that this place is enough for us that we got and gave the maximum. And then together make a decision that it’s time to move on.

And then: how is the preparation for a new trip, as the country is selected?

The country is selected by intuition or dream.
For example, if we are now in Asia, then we look after the neighboring countries where I would like to go. We still look after the plane tickets will be cheaper. In Asia, sin does not fly by airplanes when the flights cost from 10 to 50 dollars.
We do not prepare for the trip, except that, we make a visa if necessary, and so, we make things, we are visiting the sights of the country in which we are, hugging with beautiful new friends and go on the road.

How to travel very creative people

If you could take with you only one thing, would not stop you such a prospect? What would it be by the way? 🙂

Would not stop. I would take paint, brushes and paper – let it be such a single set. The fewer things, the easier.

And how much, in principle, weighs your baggage?

Ohh! Now a lot – about 18 kg. The funny thing is that I have more creative things in a backpack than clothes: beads, paper, paints, stamps for fabric, purchased from grandfather in Nepal and 3 kg of Nepalese singing bowls, which I can not send home by mail, as it is required Special careful attitude.
Since we travel from April of the month, many pleasant beautiful things have accumulated, and useful too.
From Bali, you want to take beautifulness, goodies, but I will have to sacrifice something then 🙂 Every time I do a great revision of my things before departing, but the weight has never decreased since 🙂

How do you earn money for your movements?

Earns with us Sasha. He is a programmer and it allows us to live anywhere. But not always we can travel in desert places, as you need the Internet.
When we come to some country, I definitely determine if I want to work or not. Work is not called. This is some kind of activity based on my life experience, and the knowledge I share.
For example, on the island of Bali, the vast community of our-speaking, which are engaged in internal development and all kinds of esoteric knowledge of the world.
Here I applied my knowledge about Maya, in reading the map of the Mayan calendar, and I still make a massage with singing bowls. It gives me enough money to live and travel.
When there is no opportunity to go to a certain community of people, I work online – this is webinars on the topics of women’s development, these are psychological advice, and Maya consultations.
When I come home, I sell my sketches made on the journey. But again – this is not work or earnings for money. This is some realization of your knowledge and desire to share something.

Not so long left until the new year – it’s time to build plans 🙂 So what are your plans for 2016?

Plans I build from the birthday usually, so now I am in the middle of my plans 🙂
In 2016 I would like to determine the country and find the place where we will come back after the trip. I want a house, here)! Most likely, it will be Ukraine&# 8230;

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