How to travel to the new year

Many want to go to the New Year holidays abroad, but they think that they cannot afford it, because prices at this time reach incredible heights. However, there are ways to save even in this difficult time for a rich tourist.

Prepare Sani in the summer: when buying tickets

The sooner you think about your New Year’s holiday, the more chances he will cost you inexpensively. Many airlines are selling "Winter" Tickets at good prices from about May and until September, so you still have a chance to have time to rumk in the last car any sales and buy a flight of about half, or even two thirds cheaper.

In mid-October-November, prices will be higher, although rare carriers can "Throw away" Some illiquid cheaper percentage of 20 from the usual tariff. And whether it is necessary to explain that for December everything is sold at a cost, and only tickets to the business class remain in popular destinations?

For the most patient: waiting "burning" Tours

If you have strong nerves and you missed all a reasonable time for an early booking, try another tactics – wait until the last! Not every year the demand for tour is high. For example, in the crisis times of the tour square, which bought too many places in hotels and aircraft, lost. And last year the effect of deferred demand was arose – all who refused their trip to the last time, and there were extremely few seats.

In the usual years, tour operators at least a few vouchers, but remains, and therefore there is hope to buy them a little cheaper, especially if you agree to unpopular directions and very simple hotels. Just be sure to prepare yourself "dispersal field" For celebration – for example, in the country of friends.

Choose dates: When you fly to rest

Try not to get into tourist mainstream! Relax, finally, longer: take a week of vacation before the new year and leave until December 23, and return after January 10 – on such dates to find cheap tickets much easier.

Do not forget about Catholic Christmas: From December 23 to December 26, Europeans and Americans who celebrate this holiday will dismantle all cheap flights. If you can’t go on a journey early, try buy tickets for the evening on December 31 or the morning of January 1.

Flights direct and not very

You can hardly be called an amateur to save, if you fly exclusively by straight flights. Try to simply find cheap flights to Europe, as you like the airport. Then try to find out who and where it flies from this airport and search for options in the direction you need.

By the way, think: it’s not worth stopping and spend one or two days in the city where you will make a transplant? At first, such research may seem complicated and tedious, but then they begin to resemble a fascinating solitaire and tighten.

Holidays in Neszon

If in Thailand or Egypt in the New Year very comfortable weather, then you should not forget that there are places on our planet where this time is considered to be.

Can’t please nice weather northern seaside countries. The strongest penetrating winds dismisses tourists, for example, in Estonia. But what do you care about the weather, if you do not plan to leave the spa center?

When in other countries prices reaches a peak, in Latin America, the height of hot summer is so hot that a number of hotels even prefers to lower prices. Of course, we are not talking about the night from December 31 to January 1, but you do not go away so far only for one day? And immediately after the cherished night, the prices will fall there.

How to travel to the new year

Cheap destinations for the new year

And there are also countries where prices for hotels are so insignificant that you will not even notice the New Year’s increase. For example, in India, you can always replace a decent clean room with a bathroom and toilet in just 10-12 euros (if the hotel is not located in the prestigious part of Goa, naturally!). Yes, and traveling by train will cost only 1-2 euros, so you can ride this country at least a month and spend the dear penny!

Thais-spoiled tourists request for housing more, and if you decide to relax in a very distant province of neighboring Cambodia, then there may be not so relevant about New Year’s price increases.

Discounts for a large company

Those who are going on vacation by a large company, it is worth not easy to search for hotel booking systems at a good price. Contact the hotel and try to agree on group discounts, especially if you plan to spend there a couple of weeks.

Hoteliers interested in the fact that the numbers are not idle, they often go to meet and agree to reduce the cost of interest rooms by 10-20. You can also discuss additional pleasant bonuses: free attendance of the pool and saunas, one gratuitous dinner and the like.

Exchange leave

If you have no money for the hotel, even in the new year you can live abroad absolutely free. First, remember the movement of Kauratsurfers – those who are ready to host guests at home. True, on New Year’s Eve such options are not so easy, but on this night you can pass things into the storage chamber and walk around the city.

Secondly, now there are a lot of online communities where you will be able to find those who wish to change housing, and for this New Year holidays – a very good period, because you are not alone you want to spend them in a new place!

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