How to travel to other countries

It doesn’t matter how many times in life a person traveled, there is always a risk of emergence of unexpected situations that are most often negative. However, possessing the most Minimal Luggage Knowledge in Safe Travel, then the tourist trip will leave after himself only positive emotions.

What you need to know?


Money, bank cards – base bases during any trip and one of the main dilemmas. First of all it is worth Distributing your budget between cash and bank cards. And before departure to another country, it is worth clarifying the bank about the possibility to use the map at the destination.

As for cash, then the rule "divide and conquer". Under this implies Placing your finances at different places. Ideally, you can save some of the money in the hotel’s safe. In this case, if a person is chosen, then he will have a certain "airbag".

Speaking of finance during walks, then it is necessary to take care of their Reliable preservation. Costs Forget about the back pocket pants and unreliable closing bags. Many will immediately think that the backpack will become the most appropriate option. But it is not so. In crowded places, the risk of theft is very large, as the backpack is outside the visibility zone. In such situation Best bags are best suited. This item of the wardrobe will not only free his hands, but all important things will always be in sight.

The documents

As it turned out, the documents also cannot be neglected, especially if a trip is to another state. Before sending it is necessary make a few copies of all documents, since no one is insured against their loss or theft. As a result, lost papers faster and easier will restore. Also, do not forget about Electronic carriers. Having done photos of all documents, tickets and in addition to digitizing them for the cloud storage, the tourist will fully protect himself on vacation. Following such unaccompired rules, it is possible to restore lost information and without any problems return to the homeland, saving money and nerves.

Another factor that travelers often do not give proper meaning. To this factor relates insurance. Many consider insurance of senseless trust of finance, but it is not. In fact, this investment will allow to secure immediately at several points. First, in the event of an incident, a hotline operating 24 hours a day will be available for its owner. Secondly, this will allow to compensate money for medical care and housing in unforeseen situations. And at the worst, the feeling of own security and the confidence is that nothing will threaten the life of a person.

How to travel to other countries

Rules of behavior in place

The most obvious will mention here Knowledge of laws, traditions and customs that country where tourist goes. Study the culture of different countries is quite an entertaining business, but also has its own risks. If the traditions of Europe are quite understandable and simple in essence, then heading to the Asian part of the hemisphere with the study of local etiquette will have to work. So, for example, in South Korea, it is not customary to wear a deep neckline, and in Singapore it is forbidden to smoke in public places and throw garbage to the ground. While in Bangkok you can get a penalty for feeding an elephant.

Vaccinations. This aspect is especially relevant if the country is destination in Africa. It is thoroughly takes care of vaccinations, in order to avoid infection with unknown diseases. Well, the monitoring of the epidemiological situation of the state has not been canceled.

Well, another important rule during vacation is Do not give the beggar and be careful with street vendors. After all, in crowded places, it is enough to distracted literally for a second and a person can be a victim of local voyages. Flea market traders have a gift to divert teeth and relax the vigilance of naive tourists. Therefore, in such situations you need to keep the ear in acute.

So, with the help of simple skills and elementary knowledge, the journey will be the most enjoyable and quite safe in every sense. Complete confidence will relax and plunge into the pleasant moments of your holiday.

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