How to travel the most economically, and at the same time overcome the language barrier

"My Planet" and the English language school Kaplan collected tips for anyone who loves to travel and seeks to get acquainted, at the same time practicing a foreign language.

Accommodation: how to go for free

Room or apartment – Forget about hotels. Removing an apartment or room on the Airbnb, you will take a minimum of correspondence with the owner, and attend the arrival and you can start talking.

Hostel. It is difficult to come up with a better place to throw a couple of words with a stranger than living rooms and kitchens of hostels. The queue in the souls is also suitable for communication, but it is better to pay attention to the number of bathrooms in advance. Here is a couple of tips, how to choose the perfect option. Hostels located in non-residential premises are usually more comfortable and more spacious than converted apartments. On the beds there must be a curtain, and best, if the beds "mounted" in the wall.

Kauratsurfing. If you do not want to pay for housing at all, it’s time to master the Couchsurfing portal, whose name has already turned into a nominal name. People from all over the world are ready to receive guests free simply because they are interested with them. So carefully fill out your profile and send only sincere messages to those who you liked. And even pay attention to the list of foreign languages, which is owned by your future owner (HOST). This is important, because you are looking for a room in a hostel, but a friend. Each user has reviews and rating. If you are worried about security, then choose only the owners who have passed the verification procedure (Verified Hosts).

Performance in mansion. If you are going to San Francisco, Berlin or Athens, pay attention to the Motion The Embassy Network. Like-minded people (startarters, students, representatives of creative professions) take a real mansion together and turn it into a dream space, arranging exhibitions, lectures and concerts. At the same time, tenants advocate for responsible consumption (for example, one common car is used) and even change the rooms in order not to get used to the same place and do not turn things. It is quite difficult to become a permanent resident, but to rent a room for a short time, while someone from permanent tenants in departure – quite real.

Food: Family dinner to order

Nothing unites people like food. Prepare a dinner together, divide it, discuss the features of the national cuisine – and now you have good friends.

Family dinner. Using Eatwith sites, bonappetour or their American analogue feastly you can get to the family dinner, wherever you are. Tasty food, pleasant communication, new impressions and advice that local residents can share, you are provided.

Culinary courses. In addition, in all major cities there are culinary courses with subsequent tastings. They are mostly advanced foreigners who want to know the subtleties of local gastronomy in practice, so the adopted language of communication is English. The culinary lesson lasts a few hours and ends with a cheerful dinner. Here are some proven options in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Bologna and again in London.

Kraft dinner. You can try a lot of new things and get acquainted in gastropabs, authentic bars, vinotecs and bearing coffee houses. Sit down for the rack, feel free to ask if necessary, explain gestures, expand your gastronomic vocabulary and experiment. Personnel in such establishments, as a rule, friendly and easy to contact.

Transport: say and go

Conversations with fellow travelers and adventures on the road – this is a classic plot of Road Mugi. And therefore adventures are provided to you, as well as the practice of combining communication with the most unusual people.

Hitch-hiking. The famous way of free travels for those who are confident in their own opportunities to tie communication with anyone and simplify to pass, as well as for those who have time on the road indefinitely. If you are not so relaxed to travel by the hitchhiker (in most European countries, it is prohibited now), you will use the Blablacar and Lyft sites. So you will get from point A at point B with significant savings and you will chat the whole road with a native speaker.

How to travel the most economically, and at the same time overcome the language barrier

New Knowledge: Exchange Pupil

Learn New During Travel – Great Socialization.

Mutual learning. Dancing or foreign language courses – the best way to plunge into the country’s culture and tie dating. You may be able to find a "share student" and will tighten your English for free, discussing the our classics for a cup of coffee. Just work the correct search query or use the Wiith application that allows you to search for friends (not to be confused with dating sites, they will be discussed separately) for interests.

Athlete athlete .. Sport lovers will never be alone: ​​just go out on a jump in the park in a busy clock or join the courtyard football team. You can search for a company and virtually using the WELLSQUAD application.

The dog is the best friend of man. And your pet can help you start and two-legged buddies. If you are going to the west coast of the United States, do not forget to download the Meet My Dog app.

Exchange of clothing. To update the wardrobe on the journey, it is not necessary to spend a day on shopping streets. There is a much more fun and economical way – Sveth Swapping Parties). They can not only give all unnecessary things and find new, but also to dance, drink a couple of cocktails and convert with all urban fashion suites. You can find something suitable in any city using the Meetup service. In general, it is one of the best aggregators of both paid and free events for any topic.

About where to find a job for housing, how to see almost the whole world for free, who will best show you non-cereal places and what is still suitable for dating Tinder, read the English Kaplan school blog.

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