How to travel in old age?

We recently told about the delights of traveling in youth. But if age for 50, this does not mean that there are a cross on long journeys. Among those who buy avgi tracks on a new travelers at might. And we do not cease to be surprised how many strengths have these people! It is really cool! It remains to hope that and we will be the same as active when finally grow;)

In this article, we will tell how to plan a trip if age does not allow to sleep under a bench in the park or in the airport chair. After all, older people need maximum care, comfort and rest, so no sin once a year at least bring parents to rest.

Selecting direction

Not all people have a good heat or cold, be it 30 years old or 60. If you take with you parents or grandparents on holidays, be sure to consider their capabilities and tolerance of weather conditions. To carry older people to Dubai and subject them to the unbearable heat makes no sense, as well as traveling with them in cold places. Resorts with temperate climates are best suited.

Buying tickets

For pensioners who moved the mark of 60 years, there are certain benefits in Russia. The main thing is to catch special offers and promotions in time. There is another option to call the airline and ask directly, what they have discounts for the elderly.

Do not forget also about subsidized trips to Crimea. Tickets with discounts in 50% and more can buy women from 55 years old and men from 60 years. But such tickets are not sold on sites, you can only buy them in airars and official representatives of a particular airline.

At a discount ticket, not only the pensioner himself can count on, but also his accompanying. But pushing the acquisition of tickets should be very in advance, and not a week before the planned departure.

In addition to the Crimea, subsidized tickets are sold to the Far East, Kaliningrad and other regions of Russia, where subsidized programs are valid: Arkhangelskaya, Astrakhan, Bryanskaya, Volgograd, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kirovskaya, Leningrad, Magadan, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Samara, Sverdlovskaya, Tomsk, Tyumen , Khabarovskaya, Chelyabinsk Region . And republics and edges: Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Krasnodar, Crimea, Tatarstan, Stavropol, Yakutia.

To purchase a ticket with a discount, you need to provide a passport and pension certificate.

An airport

Technologies Every day go forward and current airports are very different from the airports of youth of your grandmother. It is important to study the airport scheme in advance and describe in detail what is waiting for a person before landing on the aircraft. If an elderly relative flies alone, be sure to tell what he will wait for control how to register and where to go in case of problems. If there is an opportunity – spend it as far as possible to you will be allowed to pass without a ticket.

It is even better to draw or print the airport plan, placing the necessary places. If you are – meeting, then come as close as possible to the place where everything from the plane came out to the scattering. Propagate the meeting place in advance so that then not to look for each other in the airport stream.


How to travel in old age

In the suitcase of the elderly passenger there should be nothing superfluous. No spare bedding, extra products or plaids. The main thing to take:

  • Comfortable casual shoes
  • comfortable clothes (after looking after the weather)
  • Required documents
  • A first-aid kit with recipes

The first-aid kit in this case requires particularly thorough fees. If there are specific medicines in the pensioner’s diet – it is necessary to take a recipe from the doctor. Otherwise, on the border they can be selected.

And if you carry elderly relatives abroad, help them, having studied drugs forbidden in the country. But do it in advance so that the doctor advises the allowed analogues.

If you fly with luggage, divide the first-aid kit into two parts, one in the luggage and one in the manual. At the same time, the first-layer first aid kit must contain the drugs that may be needed during flight.

The most important thing is to discard the thoughts that years of travel no longer. They, like love – all ages are submissive!

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