How to travel in Estonia

Estonia has never been considered a popular tourist city. Mainly due to the prevailing stereotypes, that there is no root, unority, there is nothing to see. But it is worth only to come here once, you can change your opinion once and for all. Here is beautiful nature and calm that this country gives, not in every country of Europe it is possible to feel. And in order for the journey to be really exciting, you can go to it By cycling.

Any tourist begins his journey from Tallinna. Here you can find such free hiking, in English, for which it is just enough to thank the Guide Tea. And after that, you can rent a bike in one of the bicycle rentals and go to explore the city.

From the old city you can call in Port, and then, following a cyclehead, which runs parallel to the sea and leads straight the monument to the sunken battleship "Mermaid" and to the memorial of the memory of the victims of the communist regime. Then you can go through the streets of elite districts and admire the houses that are not accepted here to hide behind the high fences.

You can drive through Singly Field and remember both in 1988, there was a third of the country’s total population, in order to defend their independence. In this field, every five years is held "Holiday song", And this year the holiday has reached a 150th anniversary. On this occasion, 30,000 people supported by hundreds of thousand spectators will be singing on the field at the same time. In Estonia, it is considered a great honor to get into the ranks of these singing people and therefore children sing here, and adults, and the elderly, and are very proud of their chants.

Not far from the field there Museum of Art Art Kum. Here you can see the works of local Estonian artists who allow you to better understand the restraint and a kind of strictness of the Estonian people.

In order to see more, you should go on a trip For the three largest islands of Estonia. And all this trip is also possible to carry on a bicycle. In fact, besides an interesting route to add interesting and ferry ride, which takes place between the islands. These ferries are very cozy and comfortable. There is a place for a bicycle. And in the crossing time but beautiful views of the sea, which can be endlessly enjoy, you can still have time to drink a cup of coffee.

How to travel in Estonia

The first island on the route – it Fly island. Here is preserved the flavor of Estonian houses, thatched roofs, melnichek, porches, covered with moss and low fences. Residents Fly fishermen have always been free to this day is the picturesque old houses are interspersed with the same old boats, of which there are a very large number.

to neighboring Saaremaa island It is a stone bridge &# 8211; dam, which was built in the last century. This island is the largest of all, and cycling along the perimeter may take about a week. Here you can see an old castle, which is located right in the capital of the island and visit the five ancient mill, in which you can not only observe the work of the movement, but also raise their own corn and bake bread from it.

The third feature of the island are Lighthouses. Here you can see the oldest and the highest and the red. Besides lighthouses are striking for its tranquility and the quality of a large number of bike paths, a trip on which you can gather up a few more, and a large number of fungi.

Then take the bus, which has a special luggage compartment for bikes and go back to Tallinn, full of new experiences.

How to travel in Estonia

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