How to travel eco? 10 habits that do not harm nature

Most likely you have already heard about global warming &# 8212; The crisis that happened on our planet as a result of human life.

That in connection with this happened?

This is the melting of glaciers, world fires (in Amazonia, Russia, USA, Australia, etc. Places), global pollution by plastic waste of the world ocean and earth, mass death and disappearance of rare animal species.

The number of extreme events in nature will increase in the next 30 years, one and a half times in the opinion of the atmosphere physicists.

More than 11 billion plastic garbage stones lies on coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Traveling many years on my own I saw that the world is filled with plastic garbage everywhere where I happened.

In the third world countries it is very noticeable &# 8212; People throw garbage to the streets and right where they go.

Garbage near the beach in Indonesia (about.Nusa Penida)

Plastic waste on Samal Island (Philippines)

Below in the film trailer you can see the documented water spaces of our world, filled with plastic garbage.

More than eight million tons of plastic garbage gets into the world ocean, killing his unique flora and fauna, polluting beaches and sea shores.

So how can you reduce harmful waste in travel and daily life?

Below I want to share my 10 habits that help travel and do not produce harmful waste.

10 useful habits for travel without harmful waste

1. Reusable dishes

Purchase or, if you have already bought, take a reusable dish with you from Russia:

  • metal bottle for water;
  • Metal or wooden tube and coconut tube;
  • Wooden set of cutlery;
  • Reusable container for finished dishes.

2. Reusable eco bags and grids

I make and sell eco bags, which seems to me most convenient to purchase any fresh products, besides, very little.

These bags, in the photo above, are made of organza, with a convenient risk, easily dismissed and which will serve you all my life.

Sellers around the world celebrate their convenience and tell me that this is a very good thing.

Before ordering product packaging when buying &# 8212; Extend the seller your eco bag.

3. Refuse to buy products in packaging

Instead, use water from stationary water points, which are available in almost all hotels, airports.

Fresh juice in a glass (paper or in ceramic) can be ordered in cafes and restaurants.

Point with drinking water at Singapore Changi Airport:

4. Refuse plastic: covers, tubes, packages, etc.NS.

Introducing eco habits without disposable things you will need to say to people often: &# 171; No, thanks&# 187;, &# 171; do not give the tube and cover, package&# 187;, &# 171; No Plastic Bag&# 187; and T.D.

P out that some sellers will persistently offer you to take their packages.

5. Choose flights with fewer harmful emissions CO₂

Airplanes one of the major air pollutants.

Today, civil aviation is responsible for 3% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. This in itself is very much, however, due to the fact that the upper layers of the atmosphere are contaminated, the effect of such pollution is even stronger.

It is in this industry that alternative energy sources and green fuel cannot be used.

Currently, did not come up with the way to fly, without burning tons of kerosene. Of course, aircraft are becoming increasingly economical and environmentally friendly, but this is not enough to compensate for the increase in the number of flights.

  • The more we fly, the more CO₂ gets into the atmosphere.
  • The harder plane, the more CO₂ stands out.

But! Some flights require a smaller amount of fuel or other ways to reduce CO₂ emissions.

And we can purchase tickets for these eco flights.

Site skyscanner.RU marks flights such as &# 171; eco choices&# 187; so that you can take into account this feature when choosing flights.

You do not have to buy flights on this site. There is more expensive. You can find out what kind of flight it will be eco-friendly and purchase tickets for the desired flight already at a profitable resource (site A / C or another search site).

6. Replacing plastic cotton wand

If you use them for the ears, it is better to stop cleaning their ears, t.To. You can harm the ear sink and better instead to start rinse a good ears in your soul.

7. Coffee mug

I know that many people love to buy coffee in coffee shops and recommend using a reusable coffee for coffee with you if you love this drink.

I personally do not use coffee at all and never really loved him.

If you try it not fried, original black or green without sugar, additives, then most likely very surprise as much as it is not delicious and not natural for use, also very harmful to health.

Below I make a video about the dangers of coffee.

eight. Biodegradable paper

Choose eco, bio decomplapable options for various securities: napkins, toilet paper.

A detailed handbook with the right toilet paper came out on the Greenpeace website.

Fluffy, soft toilet paper is more expensive and it creates cutting new trees, and cheap &# 8212; It is a little darker color made from recycled waste paper.

I try to always buy a second option.

nine. Rubbish

In travels, I try not to use plastic bags for garbage, but throw off the garbage in the basket without them.

Also, if there is an opportunity to divide the food garbage from the packaging and throw it out as a fertilizer (compost) on nature, then I do it.

For example now in Krabi (Thailand) I throw out separately food waste into the forest nearby. It is about 90% of our garbage.

Food waste on a landfill through a plastic package do not decompose. They do not come into contact directly from the earth. T.O. Created greenhouse release into the atmosphere, which aggravates the position of the ecology.

ten. Do not expose social pressure

Do not buy a lot of new things in the journey to surprise one-three photo in the new bikini, the topic of your subscribers in instagram or other social. Networks.

This is a trick and a new one formed by Instagram stereotype of a society about the perfect, rich life through the photo, a permanent change of things.

It is also a waste of time shopping, forces and this mindless consumption to "keep up with others".

On the extreme, you can be photographed in the things of friends, your favorite people, as I am in the photo below.

To be generally attentive, conscious to where we can purchase a disposable non-decomposing. Think: how can this be changed on eco option.

Where I get items that replace disposable plastic?

Eco bags

How to travel eco-friendly 10 habits that do not harm nature

Today there are many brands, companies that sell reusable shopping bags.

For example, on Hestegams # Ekomeschochka in Instagram, you can find a lot of excellent options for acquisition.

Eco nets cheap can be ordered on Aliexpress, on eBay or buy at an affordable price in Ikea.

Eco bags, in the photo, and my mother and I made from the Organza, with a comfortable risk, easily dismissed and serve me possible all my life.

Sellers around the world celebrate their convenience and tell me that this is a very blatant thing.

Wooden cutlery

I often use them while traveling: on board aircraft when I take me to nature and t.D.

I purchased your set on Aliexpress

Metal and bamboo straws for drinks

Plastic tubes &# 8212; One of the main pollutants of the World Ocean. For example, in the US daily used 500 million plastic straws.

For the first time I saw such a replacement for plastic solomenons in a vegan cafe in the Philippines. There I acquired them.

But much cheaper they can be booked online on the same Aliexpress.

Metallic or other reusable container (bottle) for water and hot drinks

Plastic bottles &# 8212; Frequent acquisition of mankind.

Wonderful replacement for it &# 8212; Reusable bottles.

It is best to acquire a metal bottle or ceramic, because they will serve longer and you can pour both cold drinks and hot.

If you still purchased a disposable plastic bottle or an aluminum bottle, then before throwing them into the garbage, spress them as much as possible. So they will apply less harm.

Purchase a metal bottle for liquid of different volumes can be cheap on

My reusable bottle (from durable plastic) was bought a few years ago. How it will waste his function I will get a bottle of metal.

Also, I use the Filter Water ionizer Aquaspectr Mineral (in Promotion: Health You will receive a 10% discount) .

This filter cleans water from chlorine and heavy metals, ionizes water and destroys pathogenic bacteria.

Very convenient to use – it is necessary to just throw it into a water bottle (up to 5 liters).

I use this filter on travels and also using the stationary ionizer of the house "Aquaspectr Home".

Ceramic coffee mug

If you are an amateur (Nitsa) to drink coffee, then probably noticed that every time it is purchased every time a disposable mug is given, plastic lid.

Ceramic mug with silicone hryon

Can be purchased by coffee mug &# 8212; Reusable coffee mug and ask in a coffee shop to pour coffee in it.

Metal machine with razor

According to the results of the US Environmental Protection Agency, 2 billion razors are annually discarded, and plastic razors are not subject to recyclable.

I propose to choose a super-replacement for a plastic razor, a metallic razor!

Metal machine with razor and accessories for shaving

These razor machines serve for decades (ask your grandfather). Their popularity is returned because they are the best alternative to the non-recycled plastic razor.

You can buy inexpensively here on Aliexpress.


Parasually, as the attitude to things changes, to consumption, after I switched to Eco Life Style. Each thing has become an important, not thrown and not bought in one moment.

I am on O. Boracay (Philippines)

If the product I need is in one-time packaging, I try to find it without packaging. If he is not, then I think, can I do without its purchase and often is the answer &# 171; I can&# 187;.

For example, one fruit can be replaced by another without packaging or you can not acquire a product at all if it hurts health.

Of course it is difficult to 100% not to acquire a disposable packaging, especially at the beginning of this path, but this myth debunk a young girl from the USA &# 8212; Lauren Singer. It does not produce any garbage except for a small jar for four years. Video about it below.

All habits really implement, tested for me, which means it will be.

I will be glad if you add my recommendations, useful habits in the topic, and I will be glad to answer any questions on this topic.

If this article seemed helpful to you, please share it in social. Networks.

Christina Endless

The author of the article, this blog. Traveling independently 8 years. Visited 32 countries. The author of video courses on the organization of profitable travel.

How to travel eco-friendly 10 habits that do not harm nature

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