How to travel cheaper and when it is better to buy tickets?

And you thought when you plan a trip when it is better to buy tickets? It is clear that in advance, but how much? Let’s deal with when it is the best time to buy tickets? For help addressed our analysts.

Sale of airlines

Best way to buy cheaper tickets – do it on the sale of airlines. But they need to catch, and sometimes the action acts not on those directions that need. Most often, sales of airlines pass in November-January. By this, they stimulate the demand after seasonality, or more stocks on black Friday, New Year, Cyber ​​Front.

Regarding seasonality. Before the pandemic, spring and summer 2018 and 2019, it was most profitable to purchase tickets in the November-February period. In these months, just the most sales. 2020 showed anomalous trends due to a pandemic. Airlines Russia greatly reduced prices for flights, price competition has been preserved and at the beginning of 2021. Map of flights were also very limited – now you can fly to Russia and a little in Turkey.

Smart routes instead of direct flights

Another way to fly is beneficial and saving – this is the purchase of smart routes instead of tickets with a direct flight.

We have created your own search algorithm for profitable routes from anywhere in the world, to anywhere where there is airport. Only a few online alarms of the agencies around the world offer such a service as serious capacity needs for her work. Smart route algorithm processes more than 700 airlines given, including Ticket "Round-back", which are often cheaper at one end. The join route makes the trip sometimes more than 30% cheaper. For the work of the smart route algorithm, our base stores and processes about 100 billion. Tickets.

In the pandemic period, when regular flights are not available to all countries, flights with transfers can not be avoided. If the traveler plans flights on their own, he needs to explore all the offers of airlines, calculate time and locations of transfers. It takes a large amount of time and does not guarantee that in the process the price will not grow. Smart route algorithm is looking for transplants and cheapest flights for the traveler, combining everything to one ticket.

It’s easier to plan long flights, such as Krasnodar – Hurghada, where it is not necessary to do without transplants. Also become convenient for the price and logistics of flights to hard-to-reach points, for example, Moscow – ITUURUP (Kuril Islands), which also do not fly regular flights.

How to travel cheaper and when it is better to buy tickets

Best time to buy

Under the daily dynamics of the average price of the air ticket, our analysts found out this: the average price of the ticket is maximum in 4-7 in the morning and more or less smoothly decreases by 18 pm -. Most likely it is connected with the behavior of potential travelers. There is a suggestion that at 4 am people fly force majeure or forced for any money, they don’t have much time to find tickets, and in the evening after work, they can already close and find a more advantageous offer.

Our analysts believe that it is most profitable to watch tickets for the next 30 days forward. Such a benefit may be due to the fact that early flight planning to the conditional vacation is always more profitable for the traveler than the elemental purchase of the ticket day per day.

We always recommend not to rush with the purchase of tickets, but to check several dates at once and different days of the week. To do this, on our website and in the application there is a price calendar, as well as subscription to directions in the mailing list.

But you need to take into account the risk that if you pull the ticket for the next couple of days ahead, then cheap classes will open, and in the conditions of a pandemic and closure / opening of the borders to buy tickets strongly earlier too risky. The best solution will be the choice of dates in the interval from 4 to 30 days ahead.

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