How to travel alone without knowledge of foreign languages?

These are some such stories, St. Petersburg traveler brings from their trips. In general, Irina is an analyst in a small advertising company, although, according to her, it’s time to move into tourist. Every day Irina begins with flights. This fever, so familiar to us all, appeared from our heroin more recently. It started to travel only this year.

Irina told Mishka.Travel about how to start in the wanderings alone and without knowing the language.

Irina, tell me about your travels.

Ride i started quite recently. I used to make up the reasons why I can not fly: I don’t know who, I can’t afford, I don’t know the language, the vacation is inconvenient and so on. And this year I won the tickets to Italy in the competition and decided that it was nowhere to pull. One, almost without money. Only Hostel booked and admitted with Kauratsurvers. In addition to traveling to Italy, this year I flew to Paris and went on a yacht in Finland and Stockholm. Not so much but it’s just the beginning.

What are you doing when you leave the airport or station building in the new city for you?

When I go out of the airport, a little panic. I am a very unorganized traveler, I never have time to make an accurate route of movement. Often getting to the right place to help me the locals, put on the right bus, and in small cities bring to the place. I do not speak foreign languages, so it is necessary to explain on the fingers or with the help of drawings. Getting to the hostel always adventure, small perfo.

And now time stories! What a story about Google and Venice?

Venice conquered me at first sight. (Italian towns – they are). When you get into this city, there is a feeling that there is no land, only air and water. It is quite difficult to navigate, the vaporetto system at first glance is not very clear. I asked a girlfriend to see the Internet, how can I get to the hostel, and she calls me in a panic: "Ira, there are 20 minutes walk. True, it will have to go on the water, "so Google suggested. As a result, I bought a pass, chose a boat on the system "Sishel-Damn, Cat came out" and guess right.

How did you search for a bottle of "Eagle and Dishki" and did you find it?

Before the trip, I looked at the gear, and somewhere in my head, it was postponed that a bottle of $ 100 was hidden in the park, under a statue with a blank nose. In the afternoon I was in this park, but I didn’t even think that he was the same. And about midnight, thoroughly spending the wine, I decided to fix the budget. And now imagine: night, dark empty park, and I’m looking first a statue, and then under the statue of the bottle. I am a candle in the bushes with a phone, and on me one policeman shines a flashlight, and the other got up so that I do not escape. And something says. Honestly, I was very frightened, I began to speak Italian all the words that I know, my monologue sounded something like that: "Hello, goodbye, very nice, please, I do not speak Italian, I do not speak English, Beautiful, beautiful ". They laughed and let me go.

How to travel alone without knowledge of foreign languages

Tell me how you travel without knowledge of languages?

It would be worse if I traveled with a person who speaks foreign languages. The whole dialogue would lead him, and I would hide behind my back. And so you have to play crocodile, draw pictures. There is an Internet, help online translators.

In general, curiosities often happen. Once in the hostel I met two boys, one of South America, another from France. We walked all evening, and then somehow it happened that the boys (who were spoken between them) began to find out which of them I liked it anymore and who I prefer. And I’m trying to figure out, jump in front of me. And I can not explain to them that it was just glad to talk, and they like me both. They almost came up, and the Frenchman was noticeably inferior in the weight category.I was very scary for him, and what to do – I did not know, I never had a fight before. I climbed the father-in-law and became a loud voice to reclaim the pollock: "When I inevitably get up to". Half missed and immediately switched to "Mamayan, Mamayan, you remember what I was? Fire..". Boys were so surprised that even swear stopped. Mad our. Now in any incomprehensible situation, I scream untranimate "Mamayan", and it works.

With French, by the way, we continue to communicate. He turned out to be a very cute young man, I call me.

What is the most important travel?

For me on travel, the main thing – the people with whom I meet on the road. These random meetings inspire. Of course, traveling is not a panacea from everything in the world, but sometimes it is useful to leave somewhere where no one knows you. Control the head, expand the horizons.

How to travel alone without knowledge of foreign languages

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