How to travel alone – the story of Yana, who conquered South America independently

Somehow so it happened that everyone, with whom we talked to our heading "9 questions" travel in pairs. But there are a lot of those who travel by itself, like, for example, our today’s heroine Yana. A year ago, she decided on her first long journey alone with her and went to South America, or rather – in Ecuador. About how it was, read on 🙂

Someone flies to Thailand or Bali, someone starts up in the Euro-tour or couges all 50 US states in turn … Yana, why exactly Latin America, and even alone?

However trite it did not sound, but it was not I chose Latin America, and she. You can call it internal voice, sign over, &# 8211; Note, but on one day I came to my head: &# 8220; why not break and do not go&# 8230; in Ecuador?&# 8221;. There are some reasons for my choice? No.

Why alone? Because sometime someone told me that when you travel one, you’re never alone. The meaning of these words reached me only when I started my trip in South America. Try to break somewhere without friends-relatives and you will understand what I mean.

It was an adventure of Naobum or a clearly planned journey? What is for you, in principle, more characteristic: ride and deal in place or cook everything in advance?

I planned only the material part of the question – worked and postponed money for the trip. Everything else, as the experience shows, comes itself. I am not the most organized person not the earth and planning is clearly not my strong side. So I can except to schedule a trip in general, without small details (in general terms – this country choose or at least continent).

If someone decides to repeat your feat, what it should be ready?

To all. Be a bustted snake, step on the sea hedgehog, stay without the mother’s left leg and t.D. The most important thing is to be able to navigate the situation and NOT Concentrated on the negative even before it happens. Perhaps it sounds carelessly, but why go somewhere with the thought that you are robbed, they will kill or bring fertility to God? I repeat, the ability to take yourself in hand in a critical situation – much more important than ton of medication, machete and electric stroke in a backpack.

How budget turned out to be Latin America?

It all depends on the country where you will go, as well as from your needs. Brazil and Argentina is clearly more expensive than Honduras and Bolivia, but also in Rio you can relax super budget. However, I do not support travel idea without money (except if we are talking about holidays in nature), but I know many travelers who manage to not spend not to spend. So about the budget of some countries is difficult to say – prices for foods, hotels, entertainment can always be checked on the Internet before leaving in a particular country, but how will you manage your own funds (whether you will go to restaurants or buy soup in briquettes ) and defines the travel budget.

Hostels, hotels, apartments, crawlsurfing in South America – where it is better to stay for the night and what nuances need to know to feel comfortable and calm?

I can not imagine yourself without a crawler. Even if I have a hotel room, I will always try to meet with someone from the local, drinking beer together and walk around the city. Therefore, for me personally, Kauchffring remains the best option for the night. By the way, contrary to the common stereotype of Latin Americans, they say, dangerous they and all that – a trap in South America is cool!

And how are things going with food?

She is there that is already good. True, sometimes combinations of products (or the products themselves) may seem strange, but here it works one of my main Travel Rules: &# 8220; if this is someone eats, then I can&# 8221;. So I ate a guinea pig and kebabs from the beetle larvae.

How to travel alone - the story of Yana, who conquered South America independently

People living in Latin America – what are they?

Open, slightly naive. For them, Europe is something distant and, most often, unknown. Many of them think that Ukraine is always cold and snow. And in childish, they are surprised that we also have warm and even (!) hot.

Probably ask the question of what is remembered most, is stupid. But still, the best moments of travel to Latin America are ..

Hug a Lama, conquer the waves of the Pacific Ocean on Seref, get to the carnival, Basejumping in Andes (despite my fear of height), a thunderstorm in the jungle and all those beautiful people I met on my way&# 8230;

And finally, the most important advice for those who decide to conquer southern America:

Do not do this 🙂

Going there one day, you will return a completely different person. Although if the changes are not frightened, then it’s time to collect a backpack and go to the most beautiful and mysterious part of our planet!

How to travel alone - the story of Yana, who conquered South America independently

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