How to travel 2 times cheaper?

But it’s very bad that at the same time many sure,
that they all book all this at the lowest price.

Sometimes I view flight bookings statistics through our website
And the heart is always bleeding, how much money is wasted ..

Here on February 1, someone bought a ticket Moscow – Malaga for 24,140 rubles per person.

But on the same dates it was possible to buy a ticket to "victory" to Barcelona for 6,510 rubles therea-back,
And then the local flight of Barcelona – Malaga for 3,294 rubles therea-back.

Saving 14,410 rubles!For this money you can remove a chic hotel in the center of Barcelona,
And get a lot of additional impressions, but this money is just burned ..

Or here again, February 1.
Someone bought 4 ticket Moscow – Goa for 134,152 rubles.It’s 33,538 rubles per person!
Just a nightmare!

First, in Goa, a batch tour with a flight and a hotel is cheaper.

Secondly, if you break the ticket into 2 parts, first to some major city,
And then to Goa, you can save 5-10 thousand per person or 20-40 thousand to the entire company!

Well, thirdly, if there are 33 thousand on the tickets, it is not better to fly to the Philippines,
in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries where rest will be more interesting and exclusive?

After all, independent travels open absolutely all borders!
You can choose any countries in the world, and not 3-5 countries that the tour operator offers.

I come every day letters in the style "Well, look, from my city to Thailand to fly 50 thousand rubles!
How can you say that you can travel cheap?!".

And I immediately point out typical mistakes and find an option for 25 thousand ..

But, unfortunately, I come 100-200 letters per day,
and just physically it does not work answer everyone.

Yes, and there is no particular sense in this – today I will help, and the next journey
Again will be thrown into the wind tens of thousands of rubles ..
In the next 3 days it costs only 1000 rubles, while already
In the first trip, it will help to save once every 10-15 more!

The course consists of 14 sections and 47 video tutorials with a total duration of more than 10 hours.

Hundreds of different situations can be saved.
There are many situations and all of them are different:

How to travel 2 times cheaper

Once you just need to patiently wait for the promotion and buy a ticket 2 times cheaper.
Somewhere you just need to change the currency of the payment and save 10-20% in the scratch.
In some situation, you need to go to the site of the airline bypassing the search engine and buy a ticket 1.5 times cheaper.
Sometimes it is more profitable for 30-40% to buy an Open-Jaw ticket instead of usual back and back.

And many other nuances and subtleties that I have accumulated for 12 years of travel.

Not only in airline tickets, but also by living, moving around the country,
Rent a car, insurance, visas and many other topics.

And most importantly – it is not even saving money.

The most important thing is to get as many impressions as possible.
After all, it is for this that we travel!

In the next 3 days, 5, 6 and 7 February, my course
worth only 1000 rubles instead of ordinary 2900 rubles.

Moreover, the other video courses are also going as bonuses:

  • 1) Record &# 8220; online schools of the independent traveler&# 8221;.
  • 2) video course &# 8220; Maps.Me &# 8211; The most important tool of the traveler&# 8221;.
  • 3) Video course &# 8220; Alphabet traveler&# 8221;.
  • 4) video course &# 8220; perfect journey&# 8221;.

These bonuses and the price of 1000 rubles are valid only until February 7, until 23:59 on MSK.

How to travel 2 times cheaper

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