How to transport lithium batteries in the plane?

From January 1, 2013, the rules for transportation of lithium batteries tightened. This is due to the risk of short-circuit battery and subsequent ignition.

Short circuit It is possible when an unprotected battery terminal comes into contact with other batteries, metal objects or conductive surfaces. When transporting in an airplane, batteries must be divided into preventing short circuit and their damage.

What is lithium batteries and in which devices they contain?

There are two main types of lithium batteries:

  • Ion-lithium batteries. They are used in mobile phones, laptops, cameras and t.NS., They can be recharged.
  • Metal-lithium batteries are not recharged and used in hours, calculators, some cameras.

What batteries can be transported in hand baggage and baggage?

Transportation rules depend solely on battery power:

Power in watt-hours (HTC) Configuration In hand baggage In baggage A airline permission is required
≤ 100 VTCH in devices Yes Yes No
separately Yes No
> 100 T
≤ 160 VTCH
in devices Yes Yes Yes
separately Yes (Max. 2 pcs) No
> 160 VTCH Declare and transported as a load in accordance with the rules of transportation of dangerous goods IATA.

The battery power table is indicated in Watt-hours, and on our devices, most often, in amperes. How to determine the power in watt clock?

It’s pretty simple, to transfer the formula:

AH (AMPER-WATCH) X V (Volt) = WH (watt-clock)

How to transport lithium batteries in the plane

If the power on the battery is indicated in milliamperes, for example, 15,000 mAh, then milliamps should be divided by 1000.

15000 mAh / 1000 = 15 AH

For example, we are carrying a portable charger. Its capacity of its battery 15000 mAh, voltage 5 volts. Above we have already found that 15,000 Mah is 15Ah, then according to the formula above

Since 75 < 100, then this device we can carry in hand baggings without coordination with the carrier.

Note, transportation of spare batteries (t.E. separately from the device) in the luggage delivery is prohibited regardless of the battery power. Spare batteries include portable chargers .

How to prevent short circuit battery?

The most reliable way &# 8211; It is to pack the battery or the device containing it into the current-conducting material, for example, in a regular polyethylene package. And in each package there should be only one battery, without any foreign objects, especially metallic

How many lithium batteries can be transported?

Each passenger can carry up to 10 lithium batteries or devices containing them.

At the same time, no more than 10 batteries should also be in one suitcase or bag. It is important to consider if you are going together with one suitcase.

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