How to transfer a long flight

• Strengthen immunity. The plane is a place where you are in close proximity to very different people. In order to avoid charging the hands with bacterial peculiarities of a neighbor, in front of a long flight in front of the vitamins and try to avoid stressful situations that may affect the condition of your body.

• stick to rational nutrition. Try not to use the on the eve of the flight complex and unusual products and dishes. Especially in the event that you have gastrointestinal diseases. All without exception, we recommend to refuse fat and salty about a day before the flight.

• Book a good place in advance. Surely many of you love to choose a seat near the porthole to be able to admire the types of replacing the landscape or indulge in sweet sleep, bypassing the requests to rebuild and release the companion in the restroom. But for long flights, it is better to pay attention to the chairs at the passage – this will allow you to be unhindered, not disturbing the neighbors, get up when you decide to warm up a little. We also recommend choosing places in a number of emergency exit, allowing you to get additional footpace. In addition to the place, it would be nice to order a special – often it is more diverse and tastier.

• Carefully consider the contents of your bag. Thinking flight duration of 8-10 hours, to prepare a reasonably small kosmetichku with the necessary drugs (and recipes for them), eye drops, thermal water, a moisturizer, disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste solid (tablets) antiseptic wipes and gel – in general, all that will make you feel comfortable and fresh. We recommended to keep the top of the hand luggage mask for sleep and orthopedic pillow for traveling, which helps to avoid pain in the neck. Also fold with snacks – protein bars, sweets, nuts and dried fruits.

• Dress in comfortable clothes. Pull on a pair of pajamas, perhaps, not worth it, but the narrow jeans, shoes with heels, clothes on hard gum or close the laundry is better to say a firm "no". Soft and natural fabrics, roomy style – something that will make your flight more comfortable.


• Move. Perhaps this is the most important recommendation for those who have to travel to distant continents and countries. To avoid the pain in the body and, God forbid, venous thrombosis, necessarily Warm up. It can be simple exercises (circular motion ankles, stretching arms, stretching, warm-up of the neck), or walk through the aircraft cabin. Getting up from the chair, make a few tilts forward, the left and right side – this will help to improve blood circulation and reduce physical fatigue.

How to transfer a long flight

• Remember the water. All travelers know that the cabin of the aircraft – the space is very dry air. That’s just not everyone knows how to (or have the determination) to confront this fact. Keep the defense before dewatering! Drink lots of water (it is possible to ask the flight attendants or purchased after passing control). Moisten mucous (this should be reserved for eye drops and nasal mucous gel). Keep the moisture balance of the skin and hair (help lip balm, butters face and hand, thermal water). Give up alcohol, coffee and packaged juices – they only lead to dehydration. In addition, the hangover, which, most likely, will overtake you, too, will give a lot of the same unknown, how bad sensations.

• Forget about time. The wording "Happy hours do not observe" is particularly relevant for long-distance travel. It is worth accepting the fact that the time is limited to man. The more often you will look at the clock, the more protracted and tired will seem the flight. Take yourself interesting sessions – read the book or magazine, look at the film (it is not necessary that the airline offers, you probably downloaded a kinonovinku on the tablet or several episodes of your favorite series?), disable emails, solve the puzzle, Pourish, listen to a new podcast or a long-awaited music album, write a way note and t.NS.

• Take care of the ears. We strongly recommend taking a chewing gum, lollipops on the aircraft. All this will avoid painting the ears during takeoff and landing. Yew, active smoothing and chewing are most effective at the beginning and end of flight. And earplugs that can reduce pressure, make a reaction to its differences throughout the flight.

• Stay Polite. Indeed, a few hours in a closed space with actual artificial air and unfamiliar people can make you slightly irritable. But should remember that those surrounding in the same position as you. Do not join overwater. Planning to throw off the seat, warn about this passenger behind you. And in the case of restless neighbors, contact your crew members for help.

How to transfer a long flight

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