How to transfer a long flight by plane?

Flight, especially for long distances, the occupation is very tedious. What to do to 8-12 hours in the chair went unnoticed?

How to prepare for a long flight?

First, take seriously selection of places. It is preferable to sit by the window, it is more interesting and neighbors will not disturb you if they want to go to the toilet or stroll through the aircraft salon.

There are defined Requirements and clothing. It must be comfortable, not to stance movements and preferably made of natural material, for example cotton. The same applies to shoes, you should not fly in stiletto shoes.

If you are traveling on business and in arrival should look solid, then we recommend bringing removable clothes with you. Even if you send 8 hours in a jacket and a tie, on arrival the appearance of your costume will be far from the ideal. It will be better if you will be changed on board the aircraft before landing or at the airport of arrival.

Consider hand-made content in advance. Take a mask on my eyes, she will help you fall asleep, t.To. When the daylight falls on the eyes, the mining hormone hormone production is blocked. And as soon as daylight access is completely stopped, the hormone begins to be produced. So with a mask in front of your eyes it will be easier for you to sleep.

In order not to miss the flight to capture a book with me, a DVD player or a computer, with pre-uploaded movies. Keep in mind that charging for the entire flight is most likely not enough. If you fly with children, take coloring, desktop or electronic games for them, toys, in one word, everything you can take children for the flight.

Do not forget about Personal hygiene products, Put in manual sting cream for face and hands, lip balm.

I will not extend with you a special pillow and plaid. On the plane they are usually issued, but there are not enough plaids on all passengers. Aircraft can be bought almost in any supermarket or at the airport. They occupy
little space, practically nothing weigh and allow you to choose the level of hardness, most comfortable for you.

Inflatable pillows can be of different shapes and its choice depends on the usual position for sleep.

In foreign online stores, the Skyrest Travel Pillow pillow is actively advertised, it is not enough and the benefit of it is very doubtful. She also takes a lot of space, which gives discomfort not only to you, but also your neighbors. The manufacturer reminds that it is possible to use this pillow only if you sit near the window to not interfere with other passengers.

Many passengers due to increased dry dryness in the cabin of the aircraft feel dry eye. Especially this suffer from people who wear contact lenses. Therefore, contact lenses are better replaced by the flight time. In order to avoid dehydration drier more water. Before and during the flight, do not use alcoholic beverages and diuretic, as they will only strengthen the dehydration process.

How to transfer a long flight by plane

Another problem with which almost all passengers face is pressure drops, especially during, takeoff and landing. Serious discomfort can feel passengers with colds, cardiovascular diseases and anemia.

Especially sensitive to the difference atmosphere Little children and babies. The best way &# 8220; free&# 8221; ears – to suck candy, drink water, widespread or just wide open mouth. This normalizes the pressure between the channel of the middle ear and the throat. If you fly with a small child, at the time of decline and take off, give him a nipple – a sucking reflex will help balance the pressure in the ears.

Heavily given long flights to people with varicose veins. If you are sitting in one pose for a long time, there is a breakdown of blood circulation in vessels, which overlaps blood access to heart, thrombosis may occur. The muscles of the body are also poorly tolerated the lack of activity, so pain in the neck, back and legs can be felt.

In order to avoid negative consequences, try to make a relaxing gym every half hour within 5 minutes:

  • Flex and extension the foot left – right, up – down;
  • alternately lift your legs, try to straighten them as much as possible;
  • Make circular movements footsteps.

If you have problems with veins, for the time of the flight, put compression golfs, it is also recommended before and during the flight to accept aspirin.

How to transfer a long flight by plane

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