How to tame luggage and why it can lose

Some travelers have pain questions regarding baggage. It is unpleasant when the suitcase arrives half a broken, dirty, and it does not come after you at the destination. We found out what can happen to your luggage while flying, and how can you prevent it. Warned – army.

Luggage wet

If you fly out or fly to rainy weather, then your luggage can wet when loading or unloading. Someone drops him in a puddle in negligence or put on top of the already grinding bag. And in the end, all things inside wet and smelly.

How to avoid this? Buy suitcases from durable material, and not fabric. So it will not get blocked in the rain, and if it is swollen – it’s easy to launder.

Wait for food

Most often, tourists are brought home local alcohol. If he breaks and leaks, it will not be cool, but this is not the worst. Suppose in a bag lying on top of your suitcase lies fish or other odoring products that can flow. Alas, not all tourists take care of the tightness of the packaging.

How to avoid this? Again – choose a suitcase from a durable material that does not miss moisture, or wrap it in a film at the airport.

Castle break

We do not recommend installing locks on the suitcases, since sometimes the security service selectively checks the luggage. Is it worth saying that the castle is not an obstacle for airport employees? And here there are two ways: your castle hacave that it can also entail damage. Or abandon from the flight so that you personally come and opened your suitcase. Both options are not very, so we advise not to hang the locks on the suitcases.

Sportsman and musical instruments will break

Some are afraid of damage to musical instruments and sports equipment, so they take them with you to the salon, preferring to overpay for safety. However, not all.

Someone not only sends fragile things into baggage, but also does not care about the right case. Suppose you folded the stick or guitar into a soft case. Imagine what will happen if during turbulence, takeoff or landing on your baggage will fall someone’s heavy suitcase? Yes, he will distribute your sticks or guitar in a sin. And you will be blamed anyway, and not the airline.

How to avoid it? In order not to edit yourself for spoiled things, correctly pack things that are going to pass to the luggage compartment of the aircraft. If you do not know how to do it better, contact the airline, and specify how to transport your oversized luggage.

Baggage does not share

And maybe so that your luggage will not arrive at all with you: will remain in the transplant area / in the city of departure or will fly away to the other side. Reasons why this can happen a lot:

  • He fell out of the total trolley on the way to the aircraft;
  • Due to the large number of baggage, he was mistakenly distributed to another plane
  • just forgot somewhere.
How to tame luggage and why it can lose

It is difficult to avoid it, because it always happens suddenly, but not all can fly without baggage. Everything that can be done here is to hang on a suitcase GPS tracker, and on the application to follow, at what point in the world he is. If he flew away in another direction, then with such a tracker you will only help the airport service in his search, and in general you will find faster.

If your luggage is lost, on arrival immediately look for a rack LOST&Found, fill in the application for luggage loss, leave the contact details and wait for the suitcase at the hotel.

Why luggage really lose?

Found out the reasons because of which your luggage may be lost. Everything turned out to be very simple.

Human factor

No matter how cool, and with luggage most of the time people work, and we cannot affect their work. If a loader for some reason I threw your suitcase into a cart, then nothing can be done.

Bad state suitcase

Watch out what state is your suitcase. If he cracks on the seams from any breath, do not be surprised if he falls apart at the time of loading on the aircraft. In this case, the carrier will not be guilty, keep in mind.

Channel change due to force majeure

It happens that weather conditions or some strike can change your plans – you will be transferred to another flight. And then a short time and inattention to the details will not give your baggage to get on board with you.

Too big baggage

Sometimes there are small planes on long-distance flights, and if your luggage is big, heavy and voluminous, he simply will not fit. Then the carrier can leave it until the next flight, hoping that the plane there will be more or another baggage less.

You arrived at the airport too late

If you have a baggage, come to the airport in advance. If you have come to the end of registration, but still managed to fly, there is probability that your luggage is not.

In your interests, to do everything from you depends so that the luggage is in the plane on time: not to take too overall baggage or come to the airport in advance, keep your things clean and not put anything suspicious inside. And if that, always keep all the luggage tags and stickers, and at the same time take a picture of the suitcase so that in the case of which it could be quickly found.

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