What to take yourself during self-insulation? Part two

If "Yandex.Music "and SoundCloud You fed up, then Radio resource.Garden will gladly add music to your weekdays. The service looks like a globe covered with thousands of green dots. Each of them is a radio station, and you can listen to them live. What songs play in the kitchens from Icelanders? Japanese youth dancing? What music sounds in your favorite town on the other end of the earth?

Physically, the Radio Garden office is located in Amsterdam. The service began work in 2016 and initially functioned as an exhibition project, ordered by the Netherlands Sound and Image Institute. In 2019, the resource became independent, and now thousands of radio stations around the world are available to Internet users literally to click the mouse.

Go to Versailles

Famous Versailles – the residence of the French kings – closed for visitors from March 13. But now those who wish can make a virtual walk on it. Representatives of the museum prepared a number of excursions, during which 2,300 rooms and 22,000 works of art can be viewed, as well as the Palace Park and famous Versailles gardens. And if you have VR glasses, then you will get a real immersion effect during the walk!

Wide with children in the theater of shadows

Moscow Children’s Theater of Shadows posted on his youtube-channel full version of the children’s puppet play "Vanya Danish", posed by Skaz Boris Shergin. The premiere took place in 2018, and the record was made in March of this year. The performance of the shadows, puppet theater and actors game are harmoniously combined in the performance. Adults and children will receive pleasure!

How to take yourself during self-insulation part two

Learn all about the history of world art

Thanks to the GMIA. Pushkin you can plunge into the history of world art. The site of the museum housed ten lectures on various historical periods – from ancient Egypt to this day. The course prepared the staff of the museum – they are talking about the best exhibits from the GMIA collection. In each lecture there are references to sources for self-study.

Glue the space station or even a whole observatory!

PDF is available on the website of the European Space Agency (ESA) to download: if they are printed and cutting parts, you can glue three-dimensional models of space stations and orbital observatories. You can, for example, have a personal Mars Express home – how easy it is to guess, the full sizes of this station were used to explore Mars, Cassini – Guuygens, which explores the rings and satellites of Saturn, or even the International Gamma Rays Observatory Integral, which hangs in orbit and Watches supernova.

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