How to take the best places in the plane

In addition, almost any passenger can be attributed to one of two categories:

  • Loves to sit by the window;
  • Loves to sit in the passage.

So how to take the best place in the plane?

Two ways to choose the best places in the plane

First of all, you must familiarize yourself with the map of the aircraft landing places where you fly. You can do this on the website www.SeatGuru.Com. Select a few places you plan to occupy. Do not choose only one thing, t.To. it can be someone already booked.

Method # 1

This is the easiest and most obvious method &# 8211; Just ask for an employee at the front desk to land you at a certain place. It is advisable to come to top registration, t.To. closer to the end your place may be already occupied by another passenger.

Method # 2

How to take the best places in the plane

Register online and choose a place yourself. If you forgot to do this in advance, then at many airports have already emerged self-registration kiosks, where you can register yourself and choose a place in the aircraft cabin.

Now let’s talk about small tricks

Cunning # 1

If you fly together and in a row of 3 chairs, then of course it is more convenient when the third chair is free. There you can put things, lie down, and indeed it is more comfortable, especially if the flight is long. But how to free the chair?

Very simple, when registering for a flight, book one seat at the window, and the second.

Single places in the center of the row fill in the last turn and there is a chance that no one will be placed there. But if the flight is filled under the urban, then the neighbor you can not avoid.

If you are flying alone, you can also use this method. During online registration, find a number where the window has already been booked and select a place in the passage. If you like to sit by the window, we do everything similarly to just looking for a row with a passenger from the passage.

Cunning # 2

This method only works on low-cost flights, where there is no place in the landing coupon, T.E. the passenger chooses where to sit down when he gets into the plane.

How to take the best places in the plane

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