How to take himself in Toronto our man

Where to go a traveler in an unfamiliar city, if he arrived in him not in the tourist group? Canada just belongs to the number of countries where group tours from Russia practically do not organize. Therefore, if you arrived in Toronto by a guest or business visa and do not know what to do in your free time, my recommendations will help you.

Who wants to increase their cultural level, waiting for museums, maybe not with such rich as in Louvre or Hermitage, but interesting collections. The main one – "ROAL ONTARIO MUSEUM", exhibition which reflects the history of mankind the path of the wilderness to modern civilizations. Here we assembled a good collection of antiquities, including one of the most complete in the world of ancient coins collections. The museum has "Golden room", which holds the largest ever found in Canada nuggets of gold and precious stones, standing out or cut. On Wednesdays from 17 to 20 hours, the entrance to this museum is free.

Another attraction Toronto – Art Gallery. Here are collected the works of the great masters of fine art, from Leonardo to Modigliani. Many paintings of Picasso, belonging to "blue" and "pink" periods of his work. And, of course, presented all Canadian artists. Free entrance to the gallery from 18 to 20 hours.

Both museums are located in the city center. In the center there are a few fun museums: pottery, porcelain, shoes and sugar. To get to the museums better public transport to avoid the problems associated with parking. Map with routes of transport and major attractions (Ride Gide) can be obtained free of charge from the cashier at any metro station.

But to Fort York, Toronto that started, it is better to go by car. Now there is a museum exposition tells about the history of British colonial troops. If you are lucky, you will see played out every year by members of the historical society battle scenes from the history of the Anglo-American War of 1812-1814.

The object of pilgrimage for tourists and become built at the end of the last century the castle "Kassaloma". In its 99 halls and rooms placed a huge collection of antique furniture and weapons, paintings and tapestries. Build a castle tycoon wanted not only to erect a monument (which, indeed, he succeeded), but also to create "Generic nest" for generations and generations of their descendants. However, the castle quickly began to ravage their owners – a high tax imposed on the property "Fathers of the city". When we were talking about selling "Kassalomy", it was purchased by. The same municipality, in order not to dilute the collection with all ends of Europe. Price set "Fair": Owners got spent on construction, equipment and castle decoration. And no more.

At the campaign in the cinema you can save by going to the movies on Tuesday. On this day, a ticket to any cinema is sold with a fifty-percent discount and costs 4-5 dollars.

In Toronto, there is the highest television bash in the world. From its observation deck, you can admire the city and its surroundings that are replaced by tens of kilometers, in which the majestic lake Ontario is located. And in the Ontarian Scientific Center study the latest achievements of science and technology. All layouts – valid: It can be in the role of an astronaut who landing the spacecraft on the moon, you can become a captain leading the ship on the river. Lavrentia. With many devices can be communicated. For example, you enter your question in a computer system "Electronic psychiatrist". You are responsible warm, polish voice. He advises who take medicine how to remove stress. True, if you start mocking the device, "psychiatrist" may advise to contact the hospital. We can visit the scientific center for free on Fridays from 18 to 21 hours.

A huge Toronto Zoo will be interesting for both children and adults. Many types of exotic animals and birds live here in nature in their habitat. If the animal from Amazonian Selva, then the aviary is planted with plants from there. On the territory of the zoo, a monorail railway is laid, and from the Wagon window can be observed for the Canadian beast, grazing at freedom.

Sports lovers in the summer can swim in one of the many outdoor pools of the city. Pools work from June 1 to September 1. The entrance to them is free. In winter, rollers flooded in Toronto, including in the city center. For the use of them also not charged fees.

How to take himself in Toronto Russian man

Some disappointment is waiting in Toronto fishery lovers. In Ontario, as in other great lakes, a lot of fish. But it is not recommended. The risk is too great to choose – on the coast of full industrial facilities. Locals ride fishing for 100-200 kilometers from home (for example, on Lake Simko). Specially for fishermen Canadians set motels where you can spend the night. You can also rent a boat, kayak, motor or jerking boat. Fishing license cost – 12 dollars a year. Without this document, it is better to not join the lakes: for fishing without a license you can run into a fine of several thousand dollars.

Whole buses of immigrants from Russia are sent for a day or two for treated. For them, a specially equipped house where you can warm up, try not only traditional hamburgers and sabs, but also our dumplings. To the meal here are not only tea or coffee, but also something stronger.

However, nature lovers can communicate with her and without leaving Toronto. Parks and forest parks right in the city stretched over tens of kilometers. They even have animals: proteins, Canadian geese, wild ducks, kingfisher, herons, and closer to the evening they come out to breathe fresh air skunks and raccoons. On many lawns there are tables for picnics and mangals. But if you are going to cook kebab, then the firewood will have to drag with you. Canadians believe that in nature everything is arranged rational. If lying under the tricky tree, then it is laid here. Therefore, collecting drying for mangal in forestarks is not allowed. It is strictly prohibited and use in the territory of the parks of alcoholic beverages, even beer. A police officer who saw on the table can impose on each participant in the feast of a hundred dollars a hundred dollars. But our canadian bans, of course, not a hindrance. They pour tinted alcohol into a bottle of Coca-Cola.

For lovers of restaurant turbines Toronto – Not the most paradise. Vehicles with evening and night entertainment programs here a bit. This is, first of all, our restaurants: "Dynasty Star", "Vernisazha" and "Mirage". Caucasian cuisine can be enjoyed in a restaurant "Caucasus". In all these institutions, rumors of visitors delight vocal instrumental ensembles and protrude the best singers of our emigration. At times, Shafutinsky, Tokarev, Assumption and other emigrant celebrities are running here. The most elegant menu and concert programs – in "Dynasty Star" and "Mirage".

Connoisseurs of Italian cuisine can be recommended located in the city center "Olive Garden" and "Rugatti". People addressed in traveling to Greek cuisine, it is worth stroll through Danforth Avenue, where one Greek restaurant replaces the other. The most prestigious is considered "Ouzier". In order to get here, you will have to stand in line (rarity for Toronto). However, if you do not want to wait, you can go to "Fritthley Mick", "Patrice", "Ellas" or "Omonia", where the kitchen is no worse. True, unlike "Ouzier", They do not always play music.

Information about what is interesting happens in the city can be drawn from newspapers, and not only English-speaking. For five years now in Toronto, the weekly is published in our "Info-Toronto". It even has a special section "Theaters, exhibitions, concerts". And you may not be doubted that if next week in some of the restaurants will sing Uspenskaya, in the weekly they will be written about it. Weekly free, and you can find it in any institution belonging to the leaving from our country.

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