How to survive in a plane crash

Numerous studies suggest that the chance to survive in a plane crash is almost always. However, the likelihood is separated by only an injury, and maybe not only with light fright, it depends not only on the actions of the pilot and flight attendants, but also from the passengers themselves. In this article we will give a few rules, following which you can enhance your chances in case of disaster.

How to reduce possible damage from the collision of the aircraft with the Earth?

  • Fasten the seat belt. It will allow you to stay in a chair and when you hit, do not fly or hit the part of the cabin. Do not fall off the belt throughout the flight, even if the scoreboard &# 8220; Button straps &# 8220; went out.

On July 20, 2010, the flight of United was in a strong turbulence zone. 20 people from the number of passengers received serious injuries, t.To . were not fastened . The aircraft had to make a forced landing at Denver Airport, passengers were assisted, some of them were hospitalized with fractures and other injuries.

  • Grouple . This provision will help prevent fractures and injuries. In English, the crew team will sound &# 8220; Brace! &# 8220; . There are at least 2 cases in history when all passengers survived.
  • How to survive in a plane crash

During the crash of the flight of the airline SAS on December 27, 1991, the plane crashed near the village of Gottrera, breaking away into three parts, but none of the people who were on board did not die at the same time. Later, the investigation of the incident showed that the catastrophe cost without the Years of the BLG of the Agodar.

  • Clean your pockets in advance, even an ordinary handle in a collision can cause serious injury.
  • Never sleep during take-off and landing, according to statistics the most unsafe is the first 3 minutes after takeoff and during the acceleration of the aircraft and the last 8 minutes before landing.

How to survive when with earth earth?

Total history has 26 cases of the forced landing of the aircraft into water, in all cases, except for one there are surviving passengers. To enhance your chances, follow next rules:

  • Never inflate your rescue vest on board, only after getting off the plane, but you must wear it in advance.
  • If you have been found in the water, try to group with other passengers, keep tightly to each other, it will allow you to avoid or a little delaying supercooling. However, we can go panic, they can destroy not only themselves, but someone else.

How to survive during evacuation?

  • Pre-examine the path of evacuation. Find the nearest spare output to you, count how many rows before it. In case of smoke and bad visibility, this knowledge will save you life. Explore the booklet, by the rules of security that is in the back of each chairs, disperse how to open the door of the spare output .
  • Fly in proper clothes. First of all, clothes for the flight must be comfortable and not to shoot your movements. The same applies to shoes. Believe me, run out of the burning aircraft on the studs very difficult. Pay attention to the material, most of the travelers of VM and Catastrophe &# 8211; These are burns. Try to avoid synthetics (it instantly melts and cause more damage) and prefer natural and dense materials.
  • Do not drink alcohol . Maybe he helps someone to relieve stress and fear of flight, but in case of a freelance situation, it will play a joke with you.
  • If there was a slotting of the cabin, then try to start as far as possible and close the mouth and the nose with some material. Smoke is very poisonous and can kill much faster than the flame. From the course of physics, we know that smoke always rises up, so you will drive and move to the output on all fours. Most often, in case of smoke, the passenger has no more than 90 seconds to get out alive and at the same time not to choose a carbon black gas.
  • Do not try to pick up your things at least for two reasons. First, with evacuation, literally every second on the account, the search for things and an attempt to get out of the aircraft will steal valuable seconds, secondly, other passengers will take an example with you and then it will be problematic . You remember how to slow down the exit from Samole, those who are trying to collect their things for a long time and remove them from the top shelf?

Specialists who explore the plane crash, brought statistics that the chance of survival depends not on which part of the cabin is a passenger (ahead, on the wing or in the rear), and from how far it is from emergency exit. Studies show that more chances of those who are no further than in five rows of emergency exit.

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