How to survive after shipwreck

Many of us from time to time turn out to be in the open sea, be it swimming on the "banana" or weekly sea cruise. And although the probability of shipwrecks today is negligible, sometimes the question arises in the head: what will happen if this happens after all? We looked at a few films about people who survived after shipwrecks, and learned from there. That is what the vital information.

Rescue boat (1944)

Director: Alfred Hichkhok

Classic genre from Master Horror today, alas, looks very naive. At least with regard to survival tips. Action occurs during World War II. After an attack of the German submarine sinks American floating hospital. Only a few people survive, including the famous lioness, photojournalist Connie Porter performed by the once popular American actress Tallula Bankhead. When products are running out in the rescue boat, it proposes to use his diamond bracelet as a fishing bait. It is cling to the hook, and immediately pecks on it. Is it possible to catch fish for diamonds – a big question. At the event of somehow try.

Against the Sun (2014)

Director: Brian Peter Falk

Situation similar to the previous film, but based on real events. During the Second World War in the Pacific, the lost US Air Force plane falls, which has ended fuel. All three pilots remain alive and even manage to inflate the rescue raft and climb into it. In the film – a whole bunch of Lifehakov.

First of all, you need to choose a captain, to which everyone else will be unquestioned to obey. If in the previous movie the elections turned into a little bit wrong, then everything was simple here: the command took the commander of the aircraft, he is older and by age, and by rank.

Next: It is necessary to carry out a revision of water, products and in general, everything that is in the boat, right up to the last rope. This rope at the right minute can save you life.

Then try at least roughly defining your location. If there is no map at hand, you need to draw it at least by memory, in the future memory, like other feelings, may refuse, and the card will remain. If there is such an opportunity, you need every day (by the Sun) or every night (on the stars) at the same time to determine the change in this location to understand the direction in which wind and currents are carrying you. Based on this, you can determine how long you still have in the open sea, and in accordance with this, distribute between the rest of the daily rate of products and water. The main thing is water.

And now about unpleasant. If there are few water, and it is, of course, it is not enough to alternate a drink of fresh water and … own urine. And in no way drink wicked water. If it is suddenly raining, it is necessary to remove clothes from yourself and, drinking her moisture, periodically press the fabric over some container. Let the water be dirty, but still it will be water. In the end, then it can be strain.

By the way, this is the only film in the review, which as an additional measure for salvation offers prayer.

Nadezhda will not fade (2013)

Director: Ji Cendor

An amazing film with Robert Redford, in which there is almost no words, but the action constantly holds the viewer in tension. Aged Yachtsman suffers shipwreck in the middle of the Indian Ocean and after his yacht is immersed in the puchin, continues swimming on an inflatable raft. We have an experienced athlete, who also has something to learn.

First of all, he recalls that in the bins it is lying on someone once a presented sextant (tool that measure the height of the sun over the horizon and determine the geographic coordinates). Almost souvenir in one moment turns into the main tool of survival. It’s good that in the gift box there was an instruction, how to use it, because our hero never even opened this box before. Why, when full of jeeps and other modern pieces?

Second – water. The film step-by-step shows the method of its extraction by evaporation in the sun of sea water. Look. And yes, most importantly – never dive on your raft bonfire. Even signaling. It may not end.

The main thing is not to lose hope. (Interestingly, in American box office, the name of the film has a diametrically opposite our meaning: "All IS LOST" – "Everything is lost".)

In the heart of the sea (2015)

Director: Ron Howard

How to survive after shipwreck

In this film student, there is also a kind of Edu Technophobia, but such a Edu Technophobia you will not wish and enemy. Some young writer is going to write a book about the strange death of the American whaling ship "Essex". Ship in 1819 to smithereens of gigantic white whale. For this, the Kinosaga Hero takes an interview with one of the surviving kitoboev. Is it necessary to say that the writer is the name of Herman Melville, and write he going to the novel "Moby Dick".

The surviving whale initially reluctantly, and then, more and more encouraging and penetrating trust, tells how the team managed to survive. It is no secret that people who find themselves in a similar position – alone, in the serpent boat in the middle of the sea, – sometimes lose the human appearance and reach the cannibal. American sailors decided this problem like this: when hunger became unbearable, they threw the lot, and the one who he fell, he himself put himself a bullet in his forehead.

Life Pi (2012)

Director: Eng Lee

The situation is similar: a writer comes to the survivor in shipwreck to ask him about the details. Of course, this is a film-metaphor, and it can help us little, but in one he echoes the previous picture. At the very beginning, the main character calls himself a convinced vegetarian, and his alter ego – a tiger elder, who was sitting in him inside and helped him survive, – remained in the distant past, like the whole story.

Interestingly, the consultant for survival in the sea in the film "Life Pi" was the famous Yakhtsman Stephen Callaohan, the author of the book "76 days in captivity by the sea", in which he described his swimming on an inflatable raft after the shipwreck, which happened to his yacht in 1982.

Pacific (2012)

Director: Baltasar Kormacur

And what if you turned out to be very alone with the ocean? Not on the boat, not on the raft, but simply in water, as it happened with the character of the Icelandic film "Pacific", also based on real events.

In March 1984, the coast of Iceland sunk a fishing vessel. Only one crew member survived, Gulaugur Fritorssson sailor. He spent six hours in the water, the temperature of which was slightly more zero, but fell to the shore, and then three hours went through the snow-covered lava field to the nearest housing. After his wonderful salvation, he became a real star, and his survival experience was based on the British Naval Special Force training.

What can teach such a movie? Miracles happen, and human capabilities are endless. So yes "Nadezhda will not fade.

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