How to sunbathe?

As you know, a certain proportion of ultraviolet is included in the spectrum of solar radiation. Ultraviolet radiation type A can penetrate through the ozone layer and the atmosphere of the earth without obstacles; Due to the fact that the ozone layer passes part in the radiation and recently becomes thinner, the intensity of a more dangerous radiation increases. The exact effect on the human health of ultraviolet is difficult to calculate, but it is investigated that a decrease in the ozone layer on 1% and increased due to the intensity of UV-in rays is expressed in growth on 2-4% Level of exposure to the skin cancer of two species – basalomas and flat-stacked cancer.

When the skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation, the destruction of ties in DNA can begin in cells. Most of them are eliminated by cellular proteins, and if the cells are not able to cope – it can provoke cancer. There are also a number of scientific work of various directions with evidence that binds long exposure to a high level of UV radiation with the risk of developing melanoma. Therefore, it is for a long time in direct sunlight undesirable.

The American Environmental Protection Agency determined that the maximum amount of solar radiation to the Earth falls during the time between 10 o’clock in the morning and 4 hours of day. There is a reason for the principle of solar radiation: the more direct solar radiation it has been able to get on the skin, the more in the skin the dose of ultraviolet is accumulated. So, in order to avoid radiation of a large intensity, unsafe for health, especially – for people with white leather in the equator zone, where the ozone layer is thinner, the tan should be entered before 10 a.m and after 4 pm.

Gradually tanning

How to sunbathe

Tan appears not just due to skin lighting with sunlight. Because of the ultraviolet component in the solar rays, as a response to its effects in the lower layers of the skin, the melanocytes are formed and accumulated by a pigment melanin, which delays up to 90% UV radiation.
Melanin, as a mixture of polymeric compounds, acts on the screen, reflecting more incoming waves, and also absorbs, collecting rays that would otherwise penetrate the epidermis. Absorbed radiation is converted to heat or persisted for further provision of photochemical reactions.
It is this set of connections to color the skin, as well as the hair and a rainbow shell of the eye in those colors they have from nature. When tanning and maintaining melanin in the skin, she gets the same chocolate or bronze tint. Melanocyte melanocytes performs Protection cores of cells from loss or deformations DNA under the influence of UV.

Pigment accumulates not quickly and not immediately, without it in sufficient number of genetic information is damaged and the cells mutate. By the way, sunburns serve as the first evidence that the DNA molecules began to collapse, and this accelerates aging, and in limit cases may even lead to the above-described species Cancer diseases and among them, To melanoma.

Based on this, the correct approach to the tan is to begin to engage in a little, with the help of "solar baths" irritating the skin, as a result of which melanin stands out and accumulates. Good idea – first sunbathe 10-15 minutes before lunch and 15-20 minutes after it, longer because no longer so hot. Then both of these intervals follow daily Expand for 10 minutes. This requires not to bring the skin to redness. Of course, you need to not forget to use sunscreen, which is designed to save the skin from more harmful V-Radiation and gives longer to be in the sun, without affecting the speed of obtaining the right color of the skin.

How to sunbathe

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