How to store products on quarantine

Many actively increase food reserves to carry out the maximum time at home, without leaving the street or to the store. However, many faced the problem of rapid flow of food, which happens, first of all, due to their improper storage. Consider a detailed basic rules for storing products that we often forget or simply do not give it much importance.

The store should necessarily check the integrity of the packaging, that is, there is no mechanical damage on it that may affect product quality. Even the smallest gap, for example, in the packaging of sweets, meat or dairy products, allows you to penetrate oxygen, damaging the natural product in a short time. Although the shelf life makes it possible to eat such a product, but it will already be spoiled due to even minor damage to the original packaging.

So consider it more detailed what needs to be done to keep food to keep your freshness at home much longer.

Shelves in the kitchen should be clean

Make sure the shelves in the kitchen cabinets, in the refrigerator or even the shelves in Chulana, where the products are stored, clean. They should be cleaned at least once a month, using a wet rag and detergents that do not harm health and products. Place food only on dry shelves.

Group of fitness products

If you bought more products than you can eat in the near future, it is worth paying their time to sort. Check out the shelf life of each product and print products with a shorter storage for the fore. This grouping will initially use products with a shorter shelf life.

Launched products are transferred to closed containers

Best if products that have a long shelf life will be in the original packaging. However, if you start using any of them and you will not need it all immediately for cooking, then move the product into a closed food container, keep them in a dark place. For example, you opened the packaging with pasta and used only half of them, then the remaining part move to the plastic food container. External factors, such as oxygen, moisture, sunlight, accelerate product damage. In addition, closed containers exclude access to flying or crawling insects, all sorts of food pests or even rodents. In addition, many of us often overload the refrigerator to those products that keep it there is not desirable, for example, this refers to coconut milk, which should be stored at room temperature.

How to store products on a quarantine articles by tourism from the tourism

For storage of spices, use only glass jars with a lid

It is better to store spices in a cool, sun-protected place. It is best to keep them in glass jars with a closed lid so that they do not lose their fragrance, taste and other valuable properties. It is much easier and faster to navigate in the reserve of spices when they are sorted depending on what dishes they are intended, for example, for salads, for fish, for meat. The optimal shelf life of spices is 2 years. After this time, they quickly lose their fragrance and no longer give food.

How to keep the aroma of coffee?

Coffee beans have one very important feature – it is to choose all kinds of aromas of products that are near. If coffee beans or ground coffee are incorrect, their taste and aroma disappear quickly. Therefore, it is very important to keep coffee in original tightly closed packaging. Do not store in wet places, protect from heat sources and direct sunlight!

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How to store products on a quarantine articles by tourism from the tourism

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