How to sternly save on food in Paris

To write this post, I was pushed by several entries in this community that the food is expensive in Paris.

In general, this post was thoughtful as a long-beautiful list of places where you can eat, without killing the budget, with addresses and photos, but for now I will reach my legs, hands and cameras. While rather a list of general recommendations:

  • on removal cheaper. In bakery, coffee houses and some kiosks, you can eat behind the proposed tables, and you can take it. In some places, the difference is twice: I prefer to pay 1 euro for Croissant, instead of two, 3.40 per salad instead of 7 and t.D. "Takeaway" denotes "à Emporter", need to look carefully in the menu.
  • How to sternly save on food in Paris
  • "business lunch" cheaper. Most restaurants, cafes, bakery, snack bars in the daytime are offered so-called Formule or Menu. Usually they include the main dish / sandwich, dessert and drink. There may be several versions and, depending on the cost, the drink will change (volume, coffee or simply gas gas), the cost of dessert, the composition of the main dish.
  • Look for cooking, Traiteur. Cheapest – Chinese, Traiteur Asiatique. Inside, they are always the same: chicken, meat or fish / shrimp with different sauces, several types of noodles, vegetables and salads. Most often, you will be offered and the kind of so-called Bobun: half a round bowl of hot broth with noodles, meat and vegetables. Such a mission can be noted until dinner, and it is 5 euros. Yes, it has nothing to do with French cuisine. Cheap and angry.

Cooking is also Greek, French, Lebanese – yes as if!

  • Evaluate your hunger, or senterch stenvik. Somewhere Senvich is a cladder with a sliced ​​of ham, somewhere in baguettes with vegetables, sauces, fillers, etc.NS. But if the miniature girls can feed such a sandwich, then less miniature girls, as well as hungry after long walks, it will not calm down.
  • Avoid tourist areas. On Montmartre, where I spend a lot of time, one pancake with the scum costs 3.50 euros. In a pancake on the street Muftar damn weighing 300-400 grams with baked eggplants, cheese, salad, tomatoes costs 5. In the first case, you just beat yourself, in the second calmly go to dinner.
  • Buy water in advance or carry a blank bottle. Everything is simple here: the water in a large supermarket at the metro is worth it, let’s say, 70 cents per liter / a half. Little water bottle Sacre-Ker costs two euros. It is necessary to distinguish between different monopa dale and small karefours with their major comrades. The more the store – the lower the price inside. In Paris, there are also many drinking fountains – of which you can also drink) in restaurants and cafes can be asked for a decanter of water – too for free.

Food in Paris is expensive, much more than the same Barcelona, ​​but still these costs can be significantly reduced, if you try to try a little.

How to sternly save on food in Paris

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