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It turned out that in Geneva we arrived from a small French alpine resort and, being at the airport, at first were confused as villagers who fell into the capital. Tunnels, elevators, underground garages and transitions, tickets, which take only Swiss francs … Horror!

However, Geneva, as it relies with the cursed capitalism, turned out to be a city of pleasant contrasts: it soon turned out that it was where to get from the airport to the center and in general anywhere – the only trifle: five minutes on an absolutely silent European train or fifteen by bus. With tickets, too, there are no problems – at the airport or in the hotel you give out a card for all types of transport, so you just get on the bus, trolleybus (yes, yes, there are both trolleybuses!) or in a huge space tram – and you go. There are no turnstiles, inputs only in the front door and t.NS. Ride at least all day for free. Communism!

Although, of course, it will not work in Geneva for a whole day, because the city is small, after Moscow it seems to be a miracle at all, and its old part – Old Town can be bypassed in a couple of hours, including the inspection of the magnificent St. Peter’s Cathedral, which began to build more XII and in which Mozart played, then it seems to be another Roman square of Burg de Four, through which you will fall on the seafront of the Lake Geneva, where you will see the floral watch, a lot of yachts and, of course, a Geneva fountain. If you want, the fountain can be approached and very close, but it is better to do it in warm weather so as not to get under a powerful cold shower.

If you sit on the station area (PL.De Cornavin) In the tram number fifteen and reach the final area of ‚Äč‚Äčnations, you can admire the UN (for a solid fence) and other international organizations and, of course, on the famous 12-meter stool sculpture on three legs, which symbolizes the ban of anti-personnel mines. Actually, for the sake of the chair here and ride, because international offices are not particularly interested in.

In general, the city is amazingly cozy and incredibly clean, including public and personal transport, huge trams windows beautifully reflect the old buildings (for detrunities for photographic sings), transport walks quietly and exactly on schedule. I do not know how on ordinary days, we were in the weekend, but there is no impression that there are no residents in the city at all, maybe all their lured somewhere with a magic shoe.

In Geneva, you can meet the real, speaking high style, priests of love. We lived in a small hotel on Ryu de Berne, and the evenings these most priestess sticking out at all corners – that is, at the intersections of this street with others. And they were all black. Exotic tastes in local citizens! It also applies to gastronomy. The traditional fondue we did not try, very fat, but also in the usual pizza of oily cheese turned out to be much more than ordinary. What can you do, national flavor.

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Well, finally, about shopping. What is interesting, usual in any city of products stores – whether Auchan, Teko, or what else, we have never met. And even bottled water was bought in some newspaper kiosks, so where they say simple ***************** and watchmakers remains a mystery. They do not eat exclusively by their fondue in expensive restaurants?!

But such a number of clock stores with tempting shop windows, there is probably no more anywhere in the world, so Ryu de Mont Blanc and some other streets can be safely called the open-air clock museum – you walk, consider the mechanisms and admire. First, mostly really stylish and beautiful, and secondly, exclusively Swiss Made without any fools. Although on the same Ryu de Bern where the priestesses, there is a store of frankly fake Rakeks for 10 francs. But about them can be said that they are purchased for sure in Switzerland.

As for the prices of normal hours, then the choice is on any wallet – from 100 Swiss francs and indefinitely. True, on the shop windows, copies are more expensive than 10 thousand, but in the bowels of countless hourly shops they are accurate. Sellers in these stores are extremely polite, will pick up for every taste, just ask.

And in conclusion a useful advice from the actual experience – how not to stay in the main hour of hours. So if you firmly decided to buy something ticking, in no case delay on Sunday. Because already for hours to five on Saturday all hour (and others too) stores start to close steadily, and open only on Monday. And the prices and the range in the Duty-Free Geneva Airport will unpleasant you will surprise – the choice is small, and the prices are prohibitive. Before, they say, it was not so, but it is not easier.

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