How to start traveling

Starting to travel once, it is no longer possible to stop. In confirmation of this diverse history of travelers. It is not only an adventure and extension of the horizons – travel changing life for the better.

Anna Markova: I travel to be brighter to feel the taste of life. Excellent experiences and anxieties accumulated during the working days. It is possible to clean up and then start working not only with new forces, but also with a clear head. In my profession, it is necessary to be extremely concentrated, attentive, even meticulous, and in the case of the last minute – to become superholesale and have time to complete the project within the prescribed period. This is a big mental and psychological burden, to cope with which it best helps disconnect from this environment for some time. An ideal option to distract travel.

Ivan Startsev: Every journey changes man definitely. I am engaged in music, and in travels I met and continue to meet unusual people who become part of my activity in the future. These are the musicians with whom we created collaborations, collectors of music, with whom I now manage labels.

Nikita Semenov: Travels – this is invaluable experience, which allows you to be in a trend of modern life. Today, those who travel and bring seen in their lives are much more likely to success in both personal and professional life. Travel is a knowledge, topics for conversations, new friends, inspiration, reboot and non-standard situations that are more stronger in any case. You can spend your whole life in your city and think that it is better not to be. But when traveling, you see, as far as we are all different and how good, when you can take the best to apply in practice at home or at work.

1. Better to see once
It would seem that the XXI century – everything you can find on the Internet without getting up from the sofa. There is no need to go to the other end of the world, it is enough to turn on the TV or open the Internet. But still. Nothing compares with personal experiences and emotions. You can flip the album on painting, and you can look at the paintings in the Prado Museum. You can watch the Discovery Channel, and you can swim in the boat next to whales. You can flip instagram with photos of balloons in Cappadocia, and you can meet dawn, standing in the basket is high above the ground. What about visiting places from your favorite books and movies? Notre Dame, House Carrie Bradschow, Hobbiton, Rio Beaches, Hot Rome, Amusement Park in the subject "Harry Potter" – Surely everyone has a list of sacred places. Books, movies, stories of friends – all this other experiences and impressions, it is better to see with your own eyes and make your own opinion.

2. Get new knowledge
Travel is one of the ways of self-education, it is impossible to leave without new knowledge. Meet the history of the city, take a look in museums: history, painting, sculpture, archeology – list for every taste. Learn a foreign language? Go to practice it. If you are embarrassed, start with small: communication with sellers in stores, waiters in a cafe and t. D. If you stop through CouchSerfing or live in a common room in a hostel, communication is inevitable. A couple of active practice weeks will give the best results than months alone with a textbook.

Try to high like your professional area in other countries. Fresh look and new ideas will be useful in work – draw inspiration in all possible sources. Changing the situation helps to reboot, clean your head from the extra thoughts and look at the familiar things from the new angle.

3. Improve the quality of life
Traveling, we get the opportunity to find out how people live in other countries, and take a positive experience. Starting from household smaller things like flowers on windows or sorting garbage and ending in a lifestyle. Everything seen does not pass without a trace – we absorb the best and bring it into our lives. You may begin to run in the park, or you will enjoy surfing, or you will find yourself in skiing. Who knows, suddenly the interior of the hotel will tell the idea of ​​arranging your home? The quality of life develops out of the smallest things, adding new items, you only win.

Perhaps one day some country will enjoy that you will change the place of residence – even such a big and serious step begins with travel. Read, for example, the story of Stasi Andreva about moving to Iceland.

4. Open the mind
Finding into a new environment, do not cling to old habits. Towards prejudice and stereotypes – be open to a new and unknown. Perhaps you adore Mexican food, and pizza from your favorite cafe and is not so tasty, like in Italy. One exactly exactly – until you try, you will not know. Chat more with people and push out your own borders.

If you have children, travel along with them – they are curious and open to everything new. Since childhood, they will know what a huge world and how much opportunities in it. It will be easier for them to find a common language with people and join new circumstances.

5. All life memories
Photos in the framework, memorable things from all over the world, and most importantly – thousands of stories that never get tired of sharing. You are unlikely to tell with burning eyes, as you bought a car 10 years ago, but stories about how you met the dawn in the mountains, saw wild animals in Savannah, conquered the volcano, hunted behind the northern shine or worn in the labyrinth of the ancient city streets, Never sweep. Traveling, you get a personal time machine and teleport in one bottle. It is necessary to close your eyes – and you at any point in the world. Things break, lose, become unnecessary – the memories will warm you all life.

Travel is not expensive

One of the main travel failure arguments is the price. Many are sure to travel expensive, and therefore do not go anywhere. The cost of the journey consists of two main components: the road to the destination and the cost of the place. You can always find options how to reduce travel budget, and in some cases you can travel at all for free.

    . Starting from an early search (a few months before the trip) and the selection of louroks, ending with composite routes with arrival in the next city. Flights with a change of frequent cheaper direct, and with a long docking, you can have time to see the city.

  • Follow the sale of tickets – if you act quickly, you can catch very favorable offers.
  • Often buy a batch tour turns out to be cheaper than planning a trip yourself.
  • How to start traveling
  • Do not forget about the train: tickets for it are often cheaper than the aircraft. In this way, you can get, for example, to Vilnius or Riga, and already from there take advantage of other types of transport.
  • Another option is a bus. For long distances, of course, not too convenient way of movement, but the price covers all flaws.
  • If you have a car and time, consider it as a movement option. Gasoline expenses are often lower than buying tickets, especially when traveling by the company.
  • It is most convenient to live in the city center and do not use public transport. However, this option does not always turn out to be the most profitable. Choosing housing away from the center, try to estimate how much money you will spend on transport.
  • When moving between cities, buy tickets in advance online – this is a great way to save. Group Tickets also often find themselves more profitable (for example, in Germany).
    . Book a car in advance, travel from four people, look for accommodation with free parking.
  • In tourist places, prices are always overestimated, and quality leaves much to be desired. Do not go for lunch in the first cafe. – Ask local councils (at the hotel or hostel), read the reviews on TripAdvisor (often there are post photos there). On weekdays, you can order a business lunch and thereby saving.
  • Choose accommodation with kitchen. Buying products in the supermarket and preparing ourselves, you can significantly reduce travel budget.
  • There is an opinion that it is expensive to ride abroad. This rightly only partly – depends on what to compare with. Tickets from Moscow to Kamchatka are comparable to tickets with tickets to the United States, and relax to the sea in Sochi will be almost more expensive, for example, Croatia. There are reverse examples: the mountains of the Caucasus on beauty are not inferior to the Alps, but it will cost cheaper, and the nature of Karelia does not differ from Finland.
  • Journey to the weekend is also a trip. Find out what sights are near you: Cities, Natural Parks, Manor, Museums and T.D. First of all it is important to change the situation. Beautiful place, cheerful company, tent and dressers by the fire – than not a journey?

Travel is not scary

You are alone in an unfamiliar city, do not understand the local language and do not know where you go. Sounds like a terrible dream? Let’s calm down and examine the situation in order.

The fear of the unknownness is quite clear – much more calmer in the usual atmosphere, where everything is familiar. But this fear should not be an obstacle to travel, on the contrary – he must transform into passion to learn a new. If you have never traveled yourself independently, you don’t need to go to the Debrist of Asia or Africa. Act from simple to complex.

1. Where to begin
To begin with, try buying a ready tour, just not to Turkey on "all inclusive", but to Europe, for example, Czech Republic, Italy or Spain. You will be taken to the hotel, give the necessary information – and already in place you can study the surroundings yourself. You will understand that public transport is well developed, there are audiogides in museums, and in the cafe – menu in English.

Do not know foreign languages? Start from the places where you will be understood in our. In Tallinn, Riga or in the resorts of Montenegro, you can communicate in your native language, while getting self-journey skills. Or options even easier – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

2. What’s next
The next step will be an independent purchase of tickets and search for hotels. Do not attempt from the first time to take into account all the tricks of savings – in the abundance of new information it is easy to get confused. Choose one or two major cities, find accommodation in the center, read how to move between cities. The most important thing at this stage is to understand that you can welt your journey yourself and are not confused, being in a new place. All experience will be copied gradually, no most active traveler was born like this – this is the years of trial and mistakes.

Over time, you will learn how to seek cheap tickets and hotels, learn the tricks of the car, you will be able to deal with Paris or New York public transport schemes at first glance. You will need only time, desire and patience.

3. Preparation
Do not neglect the preparation for the trip. Learn in advance how to get to the hotel, where and at what course it is to change the currency, mark on the map you are interested in the sights, install useful mobile applications. Read guidebooks and travel reports – Then, being in place, you will be quite well oriented and spend time acquaintance with the country, and not to study maps.

Many scares the receipt of a visa. Believe me, there is nothing complicated and terrible. You just need to carefully examine the list of documents on the official website of the Embassy or the Visa Center and prepare everything in strict accordance.

How to start traveling

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