How to start traveling yourself

How to start traveling yourself – without a tour operator, a finished route, a coordinated transfer and a guide, which by the handle will spend on all attractions. If you decide to travel, it means that you have courage and an email, and this is an indispensable satellites for adventure.

Perhaps I will now say scary, but ride on vacation and travel – these are completely different things.

And now you have my article, where I will reveal the main nuances of Togo and tell how to start traveling yourself.

Which country start a journey around the world

Traveling in their own country, you will get acquainted with the stages of planning in Light mode, and still be able to quickly navigate in case of difficulties.

If you still do not seek easy ways, I suggest your personal top places for comfortable first trips.

Start traveling in Europe

    (Riga, Tallinn) (Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan)

  • Spain, Barcelona)

Here there is something to see. Almost all residents understand English (at least at the basic level) and are ready to help, if you are lost, lost a bag or something happened yet. In Riga, in general, many speak English. The advantages include the convenience of movements – trains and buses go exactly on schedule, delays are extremely rare.

Southeast Asian countries

  • Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Samui)
  • Vietnam (Ho Chimina, Nha Trang, Danang)
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Cambodia (Siemriep)

Asia is a completely different cultural environment, there may be their difficulties here. Need to be attentive to cases of fraud, unfortunately, there is an increased risk of being.

Flight is not cheap, so it is better to plan a trip at least 2-3 weeks. Of the advantages – inexpensive accommodation and food, smiling locals, and also – the species that you want to admire, hopping the breath.

Far, mysterious, dizzy – this is all Asia. There is also a large and strong community of our-speaking expatons, there is someone to seek help or with questions.

To begin with, it is better not to constitute complex long-distance, interstate or intercontinental routes. Limit one city in another country, plan everything, visit all attractions and interesting places, plunge into the local life, feel the atmosphere.

It is it – a real journey. Then you will have experience in organizing movements in different cities and countries for one trip.

Read more interview with Travel journalist Gregory Courtian, he gives there a few more advice on independent travel.

What about visas?

When visiting some states, a visa can be opened directly on the border. For others, you will need to assemble a package of documents and pay a visa collection in the embassy. Submit documents for a visa better for a month and a half to the trip. Read more in the Visa section.

How to find cheap flights

Buy a ticket 2 months before the date of departure or before. Choose to purchase a period from Monday to Thursday.

Useful Tip: Include incognito mode in the browser, so search engines will not determine geolocation and type of gadget from which you make a request. This may affect the cost of the ticket to a smaller side, because by these data many companies value your solvency.

All these services are searching for a ticket search by a pleasant start of the upcoming journey:

Read more about finding affordable airline tickets and some tricks, read this article.

Consider other ways to move – buses and trains

Throughout Europe, it is very convenient to move by terrestrial transport. For booking places in buses I use sites:

    How to start traveling yourself
  • Goeuro.Com
  • Flixbus.Com

For trains fit the same Goeuro, Plus Sites of Local Railways. For example, in Switzerland it SBB, in Italy – TRENITALIA and T.D.

Sometimes I use Blablacar.Com. On this site you can find a companion in the right city and pay for a place in his car. This is an inexpensive way of movement and often quite interesting – there is, with whom to talk on the road.

Find and book accommodation for travel time

How to start traveling yourself &# 8212; Book a housing for your taste and wallet.

Booking.COM is the most popular site where not only the hotel can be booked, but also transfer from the airport to the destination. Big Speech Accommodation options, from budget to luxury.

RoomGuru.RU – Convenient and secure site for hotel booking.

I prefer Bucking and Roums, but there are other sites for booking.

Agoda.COM – service to search for hotels in South countries.

How to get cachek 20% for tours in Russia – instructions in 5 steps

Hostel, for example, you can find on Hostelworld.Com. The site is very simple in navigation, a huge selection of hostels. Here is usually looking for a bed in a common room.

Apartment, Apartments from Home – Airbnb.COM, the most famous site for finding apartments and apartments. Turning through our link you will receive a discount 2100r on the first booking.

Camping and tent – worth the opportunity to save on travel living. and outdoorsy.COM – sites with a good choice of tents and "houses on wheels".

Couchsurfing.COM (Kauratsurfing) is a site where people from different points of the Earth offer free accommodation to lovers to travel. Instead, ask the droplet of your attention and human communication.

There is another option free housing like Housing. This means that you look after animals of the owners, while they are in departure, and live in their apartment for free. Sites: Housecarers.Com and Mindmyhouse.Com.

If you do not mind working on journey in exchange for free accommodation, try the WorkAway

Make your own route

To start traveling yourself, you need to prepare your excursion program and route.

I usually find information about attractions on TripAdvisor, and then make the selected places in a single route. Many really good ideas can be found on IkNow.Travel For urban routes I like to use the site Travel.Sygic.Com Here you can choose the city and visually see all the sights and the distance between them.

  • Look at what point the city it is more convenient to get from the airport (railway, bus station). Start your route from there. Finish the route is better at the same point or elsewhere, where you can quickly get there back.
  • Pay attention to the distance between the attractions. Be realistic. Of course, you can spend an hour on the road and get to the other end of the city to see singing fountains, but is it worth it? When there are not much time, it is desirable to choose places in walking distance from each other.
  • Determine the time for each landmark. Do not lay back time, otherwise the excursion will turn into torture. It is better to watch less places, but take a walk in pleasure and feel the spirit of the city.
  • Look at the cost of visiting. On my experience, most of the most interesting places are free. In addition, free entry means that no one checks tickets, t.E. no queue and lost time.
  • Avoid museums and galleries if you have a few hours to see the city. Choose attractions to which less time will take.
  • Add one viewing platform to the route, if you can. View the whole city from the height is how to make a profile.
  • Do not neglect the reviews of other tourists. Often you can meet very sensitive advice on visiting sights. Or see the real photos (and not instigram) and change their mind in time 🙂
  • Lunch time / dinner I lay down in every route. First, it is more pleasant to explore the city. Snack by semi-finished products on the go – spoil the stomach. Secondly, local cuisine is another point of contact with the country’s culture. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try traditional dishes and watch the city’s rhythm. I also try to choose a institution in which the local is eating to better feel the atmosphere and not guess.

Find local guides

In my experience, the best site to search for guides – Tripter. Enjoyed them more than once, locals – excellent guides.

What you need to know about travel safety

I will list the basic rules following which you can cope with any straight.

  • Subject to insurance. Pay attention to different policies – some do not cover injuries in sports or driving transport. Make it convenient and profitable for the Kalep.
  • Make a minimum of 2 copies of the passport and hide them in different places of baggage.
  • Do not take with you only cash or only credit cards. Make a few snacks, again – in different places. Remove money from ATMs that are inside branches of banks.
  • Make a SOS list consisting of rescue service telephone numbers in the stay.
  • In advance, find out the list of prohibited in the country (especially if it comes to Islam).
  • Start forums and read about typical ways of fraud in the country where you are heading.
  • Do not pass through the border "Transmissions" from unfamiliar people. If you have taken a package from friends, always carefully look inside!

The last list could scare you, but everything is not so scary. During the years of independent trips, it did not happen to me, which would require emergency measures. Perhaps because I observe all these rules.

Each country has people who will help in a difficult situation. Travel help to understand that you are not alone that the world is open. No vacation by a ticket will not give you so many opportunities for self-knowledge and development. Not in vain say that this journey changes life. It is necessary to decide once – and you will no longer be the same. And how to start traveling yourself yourself already know.

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