How to spew guide

Do not be shy. I know that you bored for the ubiquitous hand of Murad Osman and his back. We continue to mock out of this reorder.

Well, at the same time, let’s see how the unreal, totted world looks like. The scenery in the theater is also employee … who is with me?

Ahh … no, Masha, no! I will not go with you to the hairdresser, otherwise I will make intimate depilation of the hands ..

We have already come? – No! And now? And now? And then?

Masha, hurry do not hurry, and we will no longer have time for the train, it was necessary to dye my nails.

Girl, I just asked how I go to the library. Rousseau tourist found Moral, Anderstend?

Be easier – and your hands will reach out ..

We go to the doorway, remove the pants. – But it was you in the casino played out under the net ..

GII, my forces are no longer you with "Monkey" pull out. I told you: this is Moscow – here such as you do not like.

GGYY … I know that the registry office is not working on Tuesdays

How to spew guide

Moved, boyfriend, the military registration and enlistment office is not waiting

Sponsor of my trip to Paris – Super Challenges.

Cute, and let’s play role-playing games: I am an evil policeman, caught you in handcuffs and lead you to punish you! – You again give money, or what?

Hurry, today the store, "Everything for you" brought the dawn and fog.

Do not look at me, I am not painted today.

I don’t want to walk with you anymore, you are not in my taste! – Fuck you taste ..

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