How to spend time on vacation so that there are no health problems?

Usually most people go to the sea to relax from the casual routine, which is noticeably fed. Most often, on vacation something happens, especially when the trip goes with children. Many experienced travelers have made a list of rules, observing which will not occur confusable situations.

The main thing is to clearly comply with all the requirements that professionals created this case, and otherwise it will not be possible to avoid unwanted incidents. Moreover, he is not so big, it includes a list of several rules that are easy to observe.

  1. Rule. Cannot walk at noon. In the southern countries in the middle of the day it is quite sunny, and the temperature can reach 40 degrees. It is at this time being in the room, because there is a high probability of getting a sunshine, since the sun is very baked. It is not particularly necessary to go to people who have weak immunity, high or low pressure and other diseases that weaken the organism.
  2. How to spend time on vacation so that there are no problems with health articles on tourism from
  3. Rule. It is impossible to spend a lot of time in the water. Since the water warms up much slower than dry, the body freezes faster. Permanent long pastime in water can lead to the frostbite of the limbs, and because of this you can drown. So that this does not happen, you should not swim longer than 20 minutes, and then warm for 10-15 minutes, since only during this time the body will fully warm up and will be ready for another swimming.
  4. Rule. Need to use tan. The sun is very effect on the skin, with a long time to spend the sea, the skin of a person can burn. But even the remedy for the sun will not help, if you spend a lot of time under the outdoor sun, since the cream has its own duration. It is necessary to carry out an hour at the sun, because during this time any remedy will cease to act. You should not take low-quality creams that will not give any result, you will only spend your money wasted.
  5. Rule. You can not have everything that is in the resort. Food that is sold at the resorts will not be familiar to the taste of the our man’s taste, and this can cause quite strong poisoning, even despite the fact that you have strong immunity.
    Observing these simple rules, rest will accurately pass without incidents and problems, since it will not be the grounds, but neglecting at least one advice may have trouble.

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How to spend time on vacation so that there are no problems with health articles on tourism from

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