How to spend time in Sochi Park

Every year Sochi attend Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Beautiful climate, beautiful landscapes and convenient infrastructure Manyat tourists. Travelers with children will have to taste the "Amusement Park", in which adults will find entertainment in the soul.

general information

This "our Disneyland" first let visitors in the summer of 2014. His first guests were the participants of the Olympic Games. It is located in the Adler district, Not far from the Olympic Park. Guests meet no Mickey Mouse, but the characters of the work of Chukovsky and our folklore.

Park area huge: 20.5 hectares. On the territory there is a recreation area with attractions and entertainment, and refined hotel in the style of Middle Ages.

Theme of this place – our tales. The names of the rides are talking about this: "Snake Gorynych", "Charolet", "Firebird". In total, there are 20 newest roundabouts for children and adults and other types of pastime.

Top 7 carousels

None in any city of Russia there is nothing like. All the highest rides, the most sharp slopes and turns – in the fabulous place of Russia.

"Snake Gorynych" – the most huge attraction in the park, with a height of more than 35 meters, and the speed of acceleration reaches 100 km / h. For bold and brave extreme lovers – an excellent option.

The highest carousel in his form – "Firebird". Here you can rinse your nerves and enjoy a free fall. From the level of height – people tremble knees. Top point – 65 meters.

"Tea cups" – Entertainment for preschool children. Similar attractions are practically in any park: the child is sled to the cradle, and he rides in a circle, somewhere slightly facing other cups.

"Gems" – Classic colorful attraction with chains. Children are allowed, the growth of which is not less than 120 cm.

"Rook" – Swing, in which a group of people rolls out and rises to a height of 18 m. Emission adrenaline guaranteed.

"Wheel of Time" – Traditional attraction for review of the park. Popular with tourists from other countries.

How to spend time in Sochi Park

"Quantum leap" – the most popular carousel in the park. Her visitors are real extremals. There is no such attraction in any of the parks of Russia. The speed of the cab is developing to 105 km / h, and races of height – up to 58 m. Here are the most stringent age limits: it is allowed to ride children from 12 years.

Additional cultural program

If tourists have enjoyed attractions – they can add their emotions by other entertainment.

Dolphinarium. Here you can spend time with cute, positive dolphins and sea seed seed. Wishing will be able to swim with these amazing animals.

"Lukomorye" – Huge sandbox with sculptures under attached tent. In this place there are always many parents with kids.

After rest, get well in a stylish hotel "Bogatyr". It is very similar to the castle from Disney.

Visitors to the park buy a single ticket – on it You can visit any entertainment. On the territory of a lot of institution where you can eat or pass.

How to spend time in Sochi Park

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