How to spend time in Jordan: where to watch and what is

Jordan is known to the majority as a country with deserts and Petro – the city in a rock, named as the seventh miracle of the world. Many ride there mainly for her, but in the kingdom besides such an important attraction there are many interesting things. We tell everything that they found out.

Conditions of entry

The kingdom has canceled quarantine for tourists from &# 8220; Red zone&# 8221;, including for us. For entry, you need a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours. But there are no direct flights yet with transfers.


In Jordan, two airports taking tourists: in Amman and Aqaba. Between cities there is an internal flight, so having studied the capital (Amman) can fly to the beaches of the Red Sea to warm bones.

Amman Airport – Queen Alia

This is the main airport of Jordan, to the capital of 32 km. You can safely go by taxi, because the price is fixed by the state – 20 Dinar (about 2,000 rubles, depending on the course), but not to save lovers either. Every 30 minutes from the arrival hall to the target "Northern Bus Station" walks shuttle – there is only 3.3 dinar (almost 400 rubles). You can still take a car for rent, but unprepared drivers will be difficult to fit into this chaotic car stream. Read more about Airport prices and opportunities On the airport site .

In Jordan, its currency – Jordanian dinar. On January 21, 2021 1 dinar = 103.7 rubles.

Aqaba Airport – King Hussein

This airport has an interesting location, because only 20 km is as much as 3 countries: Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Aqaba from the airport is only a few kilometers.

Since this is a resort, then 90% of tourists get to the city on the shuttle from the tour operator, we recommend taking a taxi to private tourists, as you drive for a short time.

Urban transport

Public transport is well developed. The cities ride buses and minibuses, and between cities – Comfortable flight buses Jett. Tickets can be bought on the carrier website or at the bus station. From Amman to Aqaba on such a bus you will get 4 hours.

You can use a taxi – 0.3 dinar for landing and then on the meter. In Amman, urban transport walks clearly on schedule, payment at the entrance. In other cities with transport, more confusing, so taxi will again help you again.


How do you imagine the Arab capital? This is an incredibly dynamic city, equipped for tourism. This is a modern megalopolis with business centers, shopping molts, restaurants, galleries and museums.

If you do not chase at the tan and beach holiday, then go to Jordan better to the no-season. In winter, there are about 20 degrees here – quite comfortable to climb the mountains and explore new places. Summer air warms up to 35 degrees and above, so except to lie on the beach in this heat there is nothing to do. And do not want.

What to see

It is quite interesting to be like the very capital for the beginning. The city is divided into Eastern Amman and Western. East – authentic backyards, narrow streets, everything breathes history and poverty. And on the outskirts and can be stumbled upon the camp of Palestinian refugees. We do not recommend going there on your own, as a last resort with a guide.

But the western part is a new city with business centers, art galleries, comfortable quarters. If you want to breathe the spirit of antiquity, go to watch Citadel, there is also near Roman amphitheater And other ruins. In an hour’s ride from the capital there is an ancient city Jerash, and there park "Pompeii East". In the south of the city on the hill Kan Zaman There is also a favorite area of ‚Äč‚Äčtourists – a complex of stables and other premises, where you can try the real Jordanian coffee, smoke a hookah, buy products of local artisans.

We also recommend getting to the valley Wadi Sira. There in the area there are interesting caves, gorges and fortresses.


How to spend time in Jordan where to watch and what is

To get acquainted with the traditions of the kingdom, go to Jordanian Museum of Folk Traditions In Roman Amphitheater. Costumes, household items, interiors – all this will introduce the country and her story.

If I wonder how things are with painting, look at Jordanian National Gallery. There are not only paintings, but also sculptures, products from ceramics from artists from all over the Middle East. And those who are interested in coins will enjoy Museum of numismatics Central Bank. Attention deserves I Royal Car Museum. There collected a collection of all cars on which the kings of Jordan went.

But the most huge open-air museum is the central SC market. These are not just trading tents, this is a whole world – there is everything from spices to antique stuff. Allocate the market for at least half the day.


Not far from Amman in the direction of the border with Israel there are many beautiful green fields that will turn your ideas about Jordan. Go to the auto desk along the river Jordan – places and local rustic farms are incredibly beautiful.


In Jordan, many excursions, most popular in Petr – City in the rock, and the desert Wadi-Ram. This is the Red Desert, where some films were filmed, for example, "Martian". There can be reached independently, but with an excursion more interesting, and the trouble is smaller, at least because you don’t have to steam about the road in an unknown country. The cost of excursions is different, recognize on the spot – at the hotel or look in the Internet in advance. Here Not bad options.

In Peter – the city in a rock and a miracle of the world, also arrange excursions, but you can get yourself. The surest way is on the bus from Amman. The road will take 3.5 hours, buses Jett Depart from early morning from the bus station Abdali. If they gathered with the excursion, go on the same buses. Schedule and prices on the site , But it will definitely not be cheaper 1,500 rubles.

What to try in Jordan

Arabic cuisine can surprise! If you find yourself in the kingdom in the period of local holidays – be sure to try Mansaf. This is a marinated lamb yogurt, cooked with rice and cedar nuts.

Meat lovers will also like meat roll "Kebab"- in it already three types of meat, fried on open fire. In the Arabic kitchen there is even a kind of chicken soup. Here he is called mlouchy. He received such a name due to the presence of mlouchie sheets – herb, something like spinach. Also as part of garlic, rice, onions and herbs.

For dessert other than traditional patchlava, or as they say here – Baklava, Try Sakhlab – Milk Pudding. This is a mixture of milk mousse, nuts, dried fruits, and from above it is sprinkled with coconut chips.

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