How to spend summer?

"Summer approached closely. And here you already need to solve something. Because rest – the matter is serious. Summer must somehow spend, "said Grishkovets writer. – It is impossible to stay just so in the city, even if you want to stay. But in the summer it is impossible. Because then it will be painfully ashamed and hurt … "We will tell you how to spend the summer so that the child (if he is) could write an interesting essay on the topic" How I spent the summer?".



Mexico (visa on the border)

Air temperature – 30 ° C, water – 28.2 ° C.

Price per week for two in the hotel 4 * – from € 1600.

In June and July, in the Mexican Resort town of Cancun, the season of observation of whale sharks. You can not only see these 20 meter animals, but also swim with them – it is safe, as the giants eat exclusively by Plankton: for this they are swimming in the coastal zone.

Bicycle (Schengen)

June is a great time for bike trips: wherever you go – in Russia or in Europe, the temperature will be comfortable. In Europe, travel easier, because there are special paths and parking. You can rent a bike and independently plan the route, but you can go to Tuscany group tours (Italy), Scotland, Holland (for example, on the route "from Amsterdam in Brugge"), enjoying the species and nature in full bloom. If there is no visa, you can go to the bike in the Crimea – organized or savage: with a tent and ablution in a cool sea.


In July, warm and sunny in most European countries. In the top of the countries for beach holidays: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Madeira (Portugal), France, Croatia and Montenegro. Greece and Bulgaria will be the most budget options, but you can come to Montenegro without a visa.

Activity in Russia

July – the time of adventure tours in Russia: whether Karelia, Crimea, Urals, Altai or Kamchatka. Choose activity in the shower: rafting, horse travel, mountain trips or, for example, a complex tour of Kamchatka: you will hear the root of the current volcano, see bears on fishing, swim in thermal sources and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature.

Journey to Karelia on bikes, kayaks and motorboats "Road to Ladoga", week – 12 900 USD Plus transfer.

14-day campaign in the Crimea "Mountains + Sea" with amenities (overnight on the hurry, things are lucky by bus, cooking cooks) – 17 860 USD

Rafting on the rivers Altai for 13 days – 39 700 USD Plus Flights.

Altai equestrian tour – 23 000 USD Plus Tickets.

Camchatka tour for 14 days – 35 000 USD Plus Flights.

South Korea (without a visa)

Air temperature – 24-30 ° C (depending on the region), water – 22-25 ° C.

Price Tour Seoul – Jeju for seven days – from $ 1100 Plus Flights.

If Europe is tired and want to get into a completely different reality, it is worth choosing a non-border direction – for example, South Korea. In July there is warm, but not too hot, it rains are unlikely. But Asian exotic guaranteed: Visit the ethnic village in Seoul, admire the nature in the National Park in Sokcho, go onto the cable car and at attractions in the Lotteworld entertainment park in Seoul, look at the local market and be sure to try all Korean dishes if you have strong nerves and stomach. To exotic, you can add a little classic sea: in July-August in South Korea beach season.

How to spend summer

Indonesia (visa on the border)

Air temperature – 30 ° C, water – 24 ° C.

Price for two to the hotel 4 * for seven days at Bali – from € 2200.

Indonesia is the beach and exotic in one bottle. Rainforests, colorful nature, purest beaches, palaces, a lot of water entertainment – all this you will find here in July. This month, most tourists come for the warm sea, a dry climate without rains and an amazing atmosphere of universal relaxation. On Bali, the mass of our diving schools, and you will definitely have something to do in this paradise.

Events June-July who may inspire you on a trip

June 7-15: Festival of aeronautics in the Great Bows. Day and night flights dozens of balloons.

June 27 – July 7: Tenth Jubilee Festival East Neuk, Scotland. On different sites of the picturesque area, including in the coastal zone, musical concerts will be held with the participation of Scottish celebrities. Music is different: from classic to jazz, folka and electronics. In addition to concerts, the public is waiting for films, exhibitions, art installations and cultural events in unusual places: in the secret bunker, in the hangar for the aircraft, caves, huts, sheds. This event, like the whole year in Scotland, passes under the motto "Return to the sources".

June 28-30: Reconstruction of the famous Scottish battle – the Bannockburn battle, which occurred in June 1314, that is, exactly 700 years ago, in Sterling (Scotland). The audience will see how the army of the Scottish Monarch of Robert I Bruce and the English king Edward II are fighting, as the Scottish show a strategic trick, lumbering the numerous enemy’s army in a swamp, and how they win. Summer is the time of battles: in June-July, historical battles also take place in Germany, Belgium, in Poland and in Russia (more – in our review).

July 5: Rein on fire festival in Bingen-on-Rhee, Germany. You are waiting for fireworks on the Embankment of the Rhine, "Burning" castles, light installations and parade of illuminated ships. If you plan a trip in advance, you can be on one of 50 vessels and watch out the salute from the water. This is the largest and oldest festival in Europe, which passes throughout the summer in different German cities on the Rhine River.

July 12-13: Blueberry Holiday in the Czech city of Borovany. In the program: Fair crafts, contests for adults and children (who will eat more cakes with blueberries), World Cup for fishing in the mouth, concerts, lectures, theatrical productions. Buffet will run with all sorts of delicacies from blueberries, blueberry batik courses, demonstration ink garden, where you can buy blueberry saplings.

In July, the city beach on the Sena River will work in Paris: everything is like on the sea – sand, palm trees and sun loungers. "Beachnikov" are waiting for a temporary library, picnic spaces, dance lessons and other entertainment.

How to spend summer

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