How to spend six months in Australia, earn 100 thousand dollars and stay alive?

In 2009, the tourist company Tourism Queensland announced a competition for an unusual vacancy called "The Best Work in the World". The winner was to be the coacher of the tropical island Hamilton, which is part of a large barrier reef, with accommodation on a luxurious villa and a salary of 150 thousand dollars.

This lucky girl became Briton Ben Southall. His duties included underwater immersion, inspection of the territory, blogging on the Internet, photo report and video days.

Three years later, Ben admitted that "the best work in the world" was tedious and dangerous: once he was stung by a poisonous jellyfish and he laughed in bed for several days. In fact, Ben is very lucky, because everything could end with a fatal outcome. In addition, the girl was gone from him, but he met his future bride Australian.

In 2013, the Australian tourist department borrowed the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTourism Queensland and discovered a competition for six vacancies, which also have the name "Best Work in the World". Recall that only foreigners from 18 to 30 years old have to qualify for participation, which caused some discontent among Australian youth.

Nevertheless, in June 2013, the next winners were named after Ranger’s posts in the National Park, a photographer, a delicious food specialist, the main merchant, a seeker of adventure and specialist in the supervision of wildlife.

Eliza Detdom from France got the work of Ranger. Her duty is to inspect forest and coastal territories in Queensland, as well as study the local flora, fauna and native culture.

Irishman Allan Dixon became an adventure crawler. His task – communication in the Aborigines of Northern Australia.

How to spend six months in Australia, earn 100 thousand dollars and stay alive

An American Andrew Smith – the main joker-custody, who visits various events and writes about them on Twitter.

Englishman Rich Kim – Tastor and Delicious Food Specialist.

Brazilian Roberto Seba was adopted as a photographer, and Canadian Greg Snell went to the southern part of the continent to carry excursions for tourists, show them a local flora and fauna.

Considering that the term of stay of these luck workers in Australia is inexorably neudibly nearing the end, we are looking forward to a new competition for the "best work in the world". Maybe she will get you?

How to spend six months in Australia, earn 100 thousand dollars and stay alive

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