How to spend autumn in Amsterdam

Autumn – great time to go to excursion tours. One of the interesting destinations for this is the Netherlands, especially like this country lovers of art. In order to resemble museums worth going to the capital of Holland. Of course, tours in Amsterdam are not limited to familiarity with picturesque canvases.

In the fall, especially beautiful and romantic walks along the famous canals crossing the entire old town. In addition, 2013 in Amsterdam celebrates the 400th anniversary of the construction of the first of them, writes RIA Novosti. In 2010, the channels were named as a symbol of Amsterdam and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can ride according to Amsterdam channels on one of the many walking boats and admire the houses along with the autumn trees hanging over the water.

How to spend autumn in Amsterdam

And after a walk, tourists can look at the museum. This year, after a ten-year reconstruction opened Reynxmuseum. It was founded back in 1800 and today in its 80 halls exhibited over eight thousand art objects. Visitors will see the canvases of Rembrandt, Vermeer and other world famous Dutch artists here. This year, the Van Gogog Museum has opened in Amsterdam after the update. It contains the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh, as well as the works of other artists – Mane, Gauguin and its other contemporaries. In total, the museum is exhibited more than two hundred paintings and over four hundred Van Gogh drawings belonging to the entire life period of the Master.

Interestingly, acquaintance with Dutch painting begins for tourists immediately upon arrival in Amsterdam. At Schiphol Airport 10 paintings from Reynxmuseum are exhibited.

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