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Point number one on a world map for millions and millions of tourists coming from year to year to the capital of France, Paris gives advice to those who are prudently trying to avoid a fuss crowd. So, it is better to go to the Louvre on Friday evening, on Saturdays avoid shopping, and the Jewish quarter should be visited on Sunday.

The leading among world tourist destinations, annually Paris hosts millions of guests who rush to his famous sights – Eiffel Tower, Louvra and Notre Dame Cathedral. However, if you do not like the noisy tourist community, and you prefer to get quiet and imperceptibly to get acquainted with the city, then, for example, it is best to go to the Louvre on Friday night, namely from six to ten, when night fell on the famous masterpieces (by Museum, of course, standards). While the rest and are not suspected, cutting tourists will fully comply with the magic of expositions and fascinating types of windows on the romance of night streets. Unique sensations will be particularly unforgettable for tourists who have not reached the age of 26, which are held without a ticket.

How to spend a weekend in Paris with benefit for yourself and wallet - Paris, France Blogs and travel

It is notable to remember that the Parisians themselves are devoted to Saturday to store shopping, and on Sundays most prefers to go to museums and exhibitions. From here another advice: in the sixth day of the week, we take care of shopping centers, do something else, the benefit of Paris does not have a lack of entertainment. For example, look at the newly opened museum of decorative art after the reconstruction, where amazing furniture, jewelry and posters are presented. On Sunday, Paris stores are closed almost everything to one, in some places and the bottle of water can not be bought. So get ready in advance. However, in the areas of the "Small Caliber" in the areas of attractions, flooded with tourists,. And of course, in the Jewish quarter "Le Marais" on Sundays are open all stores.

About accommodation. Paris offers tourists a wide selection of cozy rooms for the night. Here and luxury hotels like "Plaza Athénée" or Favorite Hemingway "Pont Royal", where you will never experience a shortage of dishes for breakfast, and, of course, you will not push the moldy walls, which you can not say about hotels below the level where it is Alas, meet. However, inexpensive hotels in the vicinity of major railway stations and train stations can be advised by the economical tourist. Brand hotels, for example, Etap La Villette, to some extent trying to comply with standards, ratio price / quality of accommodation here is sustainable enough.

How to spend a weekend in Paris with benefit for yourself and wallet - Paris, France Blogs and travel

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