How to sew a medical mask for half an hour

We have two weeks to walk in masks and gloves, these are the rules. And for the absence of such uniforms in public places promise to finish. If you still do not have a fashionable and beautiful multi-part mask, then it’s not necessary to buy – it’s time to do it yourself! Many fabrics do not need, we checked. It turns out even in those who do not know how to sew.

What fabric to choose

Since the protective mask for the face, the fabric must be breathable and soft. So that the mask was more efficient, it should consist of several layers. But before you choose a cloth, make sure that it meets standards Gosta .

The fabric for the mask must possess:

  • Effective bacterial filtering (tissue ability to delay small particles of the virus)
  • Breathability (ability to breathe freely)
  • Splash resistance (it does not let the fluids in which the virus can be)
  • How to sew a medical mask for half an hour
  • High density (the more denser, the less it can be changed)

Oddly enough, but after surgical masks, the material from which makes bags for the vacuum cleaner do. It sounds wild, but they are closest to the composition of this medical mask. If you have such bags, you can use them as a filter, but on top of put fabric. You can also use gauze as a filter, folded at least 5 layers, or cotton.

The second is the effectiveness of a cotton waffle cloth. On the third – cotton fabrics. It is believed that the fabrics with the addition of cotton are better protected from viruses than 100% cotton. You can safely use satin, luna, battery, jeans, hawk or neoprene. The latter became very popular, mainly due to the fact that he knows how to keep the shape and very pleasant to the face.

You will need

  • Sewing machine (but it can be without)
  • Fabric for mask
  • Vata, gauze or bag for a vacuum cleaner as a filter
  • scissors
  • Hair rubber bands
  • iron
  • Pen, paper, ruler
  • Little perfection and patience

Pattern mask with seam in the middle

How to sew. Cut on the pattern two identical parts and cross the seam outward. Read more shown in video (this is not an advertisement). They also show how to make a conventional mask, like those selling in stalls and pharmacies.

Pattern Pattern Pattern

Our videos where quickly and just do similar masks. But here you will need a sewing machine.

How to sew a medical mask for half an hour

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