How to set fire to water and why Pink Lake

Amazing region – Kalmykia! Here sands sing, pink lakes, and water is burning.

Do not believe? And in vain! Now I’ll show you all these wanders, and then, perhaps you yourself want to come here and see everything with your own eyes. Project # Properber goes down.

Barhan "Singing Sands" is an amazing phenomenon of nature and one of the wonders of Kalmykia. Scientists believe that many years ago there was an ancient sea, which united Black, Azov and Caspian Sea. Millions took place, the water went away, and only the sands remind that she was.

If you come here in dry, but windy weather, then in silence you can hear the sound similar to the rockness that comes from the vehana. It is for this Barhan named "singing".

The amazing phenomenon of nature gave rise to many superstitions. According to one legend, these are the spirits of the desert talking to people, on the other – we hear the voices of residents of cities buried under the sands. There is even a version that Genghis Khan was buried near Barhan with his army and singing sand – nothing but the soul of the Great Commissioner, telling about his torches. In fact, everything is much more prosaic: the sound is obtained from friction of the sands of each other.

In the old days on these sands there were parking of nomads, and therefore there are still arms tips, ancient coins, shards of clay dishes and other artifacts.

These sands, like any desert, look large, but lifeless. But only at first glance! If you look closely, the surface is all dressed in the footsteps of the local inhabitants. They themselves see the day very difficult, animals are hiding from the heat. But it is worth linger on the Barhana to the evening or come early in the morning, and then you can see sandy removals, yeah, eared hedgehogs and other living creatures.

This hedgehog we found quite exhausted, he lay on the sand, breathing heavily and did not react to anything. I had to arrange a small shower of the existing water stock with him. Cooling and drunk hedgehog quickly came to life and ran through his hedgehogs, and we continued to walk on the barran.

Yashkulsky district, where this mini-desert is located, is considered one of the hottest places in Russia: in the summer, the temperature here can rise to 50 ° C, and there is no shadow.

Tip: Plan a trip to an early morning or closer to the sunset when the heat falls a little. Be sure to take with you the stock of water – as you can see, he can come in handy not only to you. Headwear and clothing with closed shoulders will save you from solar and thermal impact. Sunscreen will not be superfluous. Well, be sure to take care of your photo and video equipment from the wind, which brings with me millions of grains penetrating even in microscopic gaps.

This hare, apparently, was so hot that he did not even respond to us.

After the hot reception really want to swim. Therefore, we go to the mekletin lakes!

Lakes are located in the Mecletin reserve, which is part of the Black Earth Reserve.

Surprise! There are lakes, and it will not work out. Instead of water here salt, like on Lake Elton, where we also visited. Water, of course, there is in the lakes, but in the heat it evaporates and the lake is covered with a salt crust, like ice. Salt here is not simple, but very useful and therapeutic. Under it, wet and very mud – rape, walking on it nice, but you need to be careful, because it can not be worse than any marsh! (By the way, you generally know why the quaga is sucking and how to get out of it?)

It is said that the mekletine lakes are planning to build a hospital, but for now, the local residents will heal miraculous means.

Drew attention to the color? ARTEMIA SALINA Microscopic Hurry. They are the only ones who can survive in this kingdom of salt, and it is they who make the mud of the healing.

How to set fire to water and why Pink Lake

Walking on the lake useful to health. Lungs inhale concentrated salted air, and legs get a great massage.

For full immersion in a fairy tale on the shore of the lake, you can ride on the camel.

And where water finally? There will be water – the truth is again unusual.

Remember the children’s fairy tale Kornea Chukovsky: "And the chanterelles took matches, to the sea, be a blue, the sea was lit with blue"? The sea I do not promise you, but set fire to the water – easily! The main thing here is to find the right source and wait for darkness. And then take the light, bring to water and. And now you are a miracle – from the artesian well flows the flow covered by flame.

Miracle number two: this fire can be taken into your hands and do not burn it, but you can put it out, just shuting off the water!

On this fire, you can guess how on the coffee grounds, the main thing is to be able to see in flame signs and figures. True, everyone will see their. Here I see a fiery jug, the husband sees a dancing couple, and what did you see?

What is the secret of burning water? As it turned out, there is a very large concentration of natural methane, it is he who fures out if you bring a match. And the water itself is very salty, it is not suitable for drinking, on watering too, but as an attraction for tourists – what you need!

If you want to hear, as Barhan sings, take a walk on the pink lake and set fire to the water, then the "Black lands" reserve is waiting for you.

You can come to the reserve on a day trip, it leaves from Elista and returns there. For those who love animals, there is a tour to the Mecletin reserve for saigas – you will have the opportunity to watch these peers of dinosaurs from special shelter. If you want to stay in the reserve longer, it is possible to stop for a few days (by prior arrangement with the reserve) you can on the cordon "Lake", where there are all the conditions for living. By the way, there saigaks can be seen, not even leaving home! You can get to the cordon on your car, if it is prepared for driving down road off-road, or from Elista on the transport of the reserve.

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