How to serve and drink wine

The ancient Greek poet Evbul advised to once drink no more than three cups of wine: the first one is designed for health, the second – for love and pleasure, and the third – for sleep. After the fourth, the swearing begins, after the fifth – scandals, after the sixth – obscene songs. Well, after the tenth, the mind threw, so "Drinking crawls to the garbage and dirt".

To enjoy a drink, it is better to observe the following commandments set forth in many culinary Greek books:

1. Do not drink wine, which just brought from the basement, where it was kept for a long time. For a while you should leave it "calm down", So that the components of the wine returned to their normal state.

2. Do not leave wine in the refrigerator or near heat sources for more than two hours.

3. You can not keep an open bottle or glass with wine in my hands. When heated it loses its fragrance.

4. Young wines are fed more cooled than old. Easy wine is heated faster at room temperature.

How to serve and drink wine

5. Red wine is applied usually at 18 ° C, white – at 8 ° C. Light fruit wines – at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

6. It should not be served too cooled white wines and are overwhelmed – red.

7. Bottles with red wine it is better to store in a horizontal position at a constant temperature of 10-12 ° C.

eight. In no case cannot be mixed with wine with any other drinks, add ice to it and breed water – otherwise all pleasure and taste quality wines are lost.

How to serve and drink wine

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