How to sell Egypt

Recipe from Alla Berson "Selling tour products, no need to forget that the truth is the best lies".

For competent sale it is very important to know all the pros and cons of the goods offered. It is impossible because to persuade a person to go there, where you never want to go to yourself. The more books about Egypt read the manager selling his – the better, but it is simply obliged to visit this country, and several times, at different times of the year. Inspection of hotels and immediate impressions are a basis, without which it is impossible to work.

By the amount of accumulated knowledge Manager of travel agencies "Draws the exam" Daily: the client asks questions about the country in which it is going to go, and wants to hear clear competent answers. At the same time, the travel agent sometimes have to deal with already formed stereotypes.

Misconception and how to deal with them

1. It is believed that in Egypt it is impossible to relax in the summer.

Egypt not only winter, but also summer direction. To travel to this country you can choose any month. Just in the summer you need to carefully observe precautions: wearing sunglasses, always use tan cream. And the customer must be said about the specific climate and the eternal breeze at the beach resorts, thanks to which Egypt is 38 – it’s like Moscow in 27. All hotels and in transport powerful air conditioning.

2. It is said that Egypt is only a beach vacation.

Egypt has a unique opportunity to connect holidays on the beach and the most interesting excursion program. Naturally, competently sell excursions, knowing, at least, the history of the country. And as a maximum, the manager who sells Egypt should be a little poet. However, Egypt is capable "to wake" Fantasy and the most landed person: the grand monuments of architecture, Pharaohs, Tsarina Cleopatra, the secrets of Egyptian priests, scientific discoveries and technological advances made several thousand years ago, but safely forgotten and not repeated until now.

3. Some tourists believe that Egypt should not ride with children.

Kids acquaintance with Egypt is just necessary. Is it possible to imagine a more interesting history lesson? In recent years, we have opened a lot of lyceums, where humanitarian sciences are studied in-depth. Naturally, you need to do everything so that schoolchildren get the maximum excursion program. Moreover, the impressions of young from meeting with ancient civilization at all beyond the edge of delight – children are immediately perceived by the information.

As for the mythical harm to stay in Egypt for a fragile children’s body, then, for example, the temperature difference is tolerated by adults. You just need to remind my parents so that they do not leave their chad without supervision and regularly smeared them with sunscreen. And besides, it is impossible to allow them to drink water from under the tap, there are unwashed fruits from the tray and T. D. By the way, you should not do this and adults.

4. Rumored that in Egypt is dangerous.

Egypt is not more dangerous than in any other country. The government here very hard follows the safety of tourists.

In Egypt, a lot of specifics that you need to convey to the client. Nothing surprising is Africa, besides Muslim country. Violation of generally accepted rules of behavior can cause problems. The manager should explain to the client that is not so difficult a week or two other people to respect the laws and avoid low places, and if no confusion will not.

How to sell Egypt

Manager shall provide the customer a reminder that lists all not so scary, but it is quite reasonable precautions. and. maybe even ask him to sign on this paper. And in any case it is necessary to focus the customer’s attention to this document, once again remind you that there is really very useful information.

5. And finally, many are convinced that the Egyptian service leaves much to be desired.

to the concept "service", "Star hotels" Egypt is taken very seriously – because tourism brings a large share of gross domestic product. A tourist can expect a good and very good service (the latter, as usual throughout the world, for the extra money).

Client should be helped to navigate. The manager must clearly understand the differences between the Egyptian hotel 2 * and 5 *, why stay in Hurghada is cheaper than in the Sharm el-Sheikh. For example, hotel "Golden Fife" (5 *) and hotel "Sheraton Miramar" – are different concepts and recreational facilities. And the prices are different.

Selling Egypt, we have to keep in mind all the different routes. Very often, agencies sell El Gouna, absolutely not imagining what it is. call it "Egypt Venice", but do not warn about the peculiar style of this city hotel, which is absolutely not like people who are accustomed to hotels in other types.

Cruises general product special. A client sending a cruise on the Nile, "salesman" must necessarily tell you what are the places that tourists visit during stops. The manager must know exactly the route.

Thank you Alla Berson, Head of Sales Department "Turenergoservis" and the National office of Tourism of Egypt in Moscow.

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